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Knowledge Repository

The Effect of a Safe Zone on Nurse Distractions, Interruptions, and Medication Administration Errors

Author(s): Yoder, M., Schadewald, D.

Out of Sight, Out of Reach. Correlating spatial metrics of nurse station typology with nurses’ communication and co ‐ awareness in an intensive care unit

Author(s): Cai, H., Zimring, C.

Impact of the Design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units on Neonates, Staff, and Families: A Systematic Literature Review

Author(s): Shahheidari, M., Homer, C.
The authors indicate that the design of NICUs incorporating single family rooms as evidence indicates this room type contributes to the better development of babies, facilitates increased parental involvement in care, controls infection, and reduces noise and length of stay. 
Key Point Summary

Sound Levels, Staff Perceptions, and Patient Outcomes During Renovation Near the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Trickey, A. W., Arnold, C. C., Parmar, A., Lasky, R. E.

The Effect of Hospital Unit Layout on Nurse Walking Behavior

Author(s): Yi, L., Seo, H.-B.
Over the course of a typical shift, nurses spend a lot of time on their feet, walking back and forth on the unit to take care of patients' needs. The long distances that nurses walk is a topic of concern in the industry. Some believe it may potentially impact the amount of time spent with patients and also because of the physical toll on nurses, day after day. Researchers are attempting to understand whether unit layout and design might be revised to reduce walking distances and create efficiencies that enhance patient care.
Key Point Summary

Rethinking Efficiency in Acute Care Nursing Units: Analyzing Nursing Unit Layouts for Improved Spatial Flow

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Shepley, M. M., Waggener, L. T.

Physical Environments That Promote Safe Medication Use

Author(s): Grissinger, M.

Impact of Isolation on Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Scores: Is Isolation Isolating?

Author(s): Vinski, J., Bertin, M., Sun, Z., Gordon, S. M., Bokar, D., Merlino, J., Fraser, T. G.

Destination Bedside: Using Research Findings to Visualize Optimal Unit Layouts and Health Information Technology in Support of Bedside Care

Author(s): Watkins, N., Kennedy, M., Lee, N., O’Neill, M., Peavey, E., DuCharme, M., Padula, C.

Same-handed patient room configurations: anecdotal and empirical evidence

Author(s): Stichler, J. F., McCullough, C.