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Knowledge Repository

Are Waiting Rooms Passé? A Pilot Study of Patient Self-rooming

Author(s): Kamnetz, S., Marquez, B., Aeschlimann, R., Pandhi, N.
While the timeliness with which patients receive treatment continues to be a common source of patient complaints, little research exists investigating the issues affecting and ways to improve timeliness. In previous studies, improvements in timeliness within healthcare environments were associated with increased patient satisfaction and hospital cost benefits.  
Key Point Summary

Equipment and Energy Usage in a Large Teaching Hospital in Norway

Author(s): Rohde, T., Martinez, R.

Development of key indicators of hospital resilience: A modified Delphi study

Author(s): Zhong, S., Clark, M., Hou, X.-Y., Zang, Y., FitzGerald, G.

Upper room UVGI effectiveness with dispersed pathogens at different droplet sizes in spaces conditioned by chilled ceiling and mixed displacement ventilation system

Author(s): Kanaan, M., Ghaddar, N., Ghali, K., Araj, G.

Impact of sink location on hand hygiene compliance for Clostridium difficile infection

Author(s): Zellmer, C., Blakney, R., Van Hoof, S., Safdar, N.

Engineering control of respiratory infection and low-energy design of healthcare facilities

Author(s): Li, Y., Tang, J., Noakes, C., Hodgson, M. J.

Daylight and health: A review of the evidence and consequences for the built environment

Author(s): Aries, M. B. C, Aarts, M. P. J., van Hoof, J.
This paper is an overview of studies on the effects of daylight exposure on human health.
Key Point Summary

Ambient versus traditional environment in pediatric emergency department

Author(s): Robinson, P. S., Green, J.

Fall prevention and bathroom safety in the epilepsy monitoring unit

Author(s): Spritzer, S. D., Riordan, K. C., Berry, J., Corbett, B. M., Gerke, J. K., Hoerth, M. T., Crepeau, A. Z., Drazkowski, J. F., Sirven, J. I., Noe, K. H.
​Injury-inducing falls are one of the most common harmful events that occur in epilepsy monitoring units (EMUs). Considering the risk provoked by epileptic symptoms such as spontaneous seizures, patients admitted to EMUs may be more likely to sustain falling injuries over patients in other areas of the hospital.
Key Point Summary

Designing dementia-friendly hospital environments

Author(s): Waller, Sarah, Masterson, Abigail