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Knowledge Repository

Development of key indicators of hospital resilience: a modified Delphi study

Author(s): Zhong, S., Clark, M., Hou, X.-Y., Zang, Y., FitzGerald, G.

A ‘paperless’ wall-mounted surgical safety checklist with migrated leadership can improve compliance and team engagement

Author(s): Ong, A. P. C., Devcich, D. A., Hannam, J., Lee, T., Merry, A. F., Mitchell, S. J.

Healthcare facility design development in Kuopio University Hospital

Author(s): Reijula, J., Kouri, J., Aalto, L., Miettunen, R., Reijula, K.

An Empirical Examination of the Impacts of Decentralized Nursing Unit Design

Author(s): Pati, D., Harvey, T. E., Redden, P., Summers, B., Pati, S.

Use of Simulation to Test Systems and Prepare Staff for a New Hospital Transition.

Author(s): Adler, M. D., Mobley, B. L., Eppich, W. J., Lappe, M., Green, M., Mangold, Karen

Antimicrobial surfaces to prevent healthcare-associated infections: a systematic review

Author(s): Muller, M. P., MacDougall, C., Lim, M., Armstrong, I., Bialachowski, A., Callery, S., Ciccotelli, W., Cividino, M., Dennis, J., Hota, S., Garber, G., Johnstone, J., Katz, K., McGeer, A., Nankoosingh, V., Richard, C., Vearncombe, M.

The role of noise in clinical environments with particular reference to mental health care: A narrative review

Author(s): Brown, B., Rutherford, P., Crawford, P.
The problem of noise in healthcare environments has been discussed in a variety of contexts, including psychology, sociology, built environment studies, and nursing. It has been well documented that the element of noise within clinical settings can elevate stress, impede recovery, and disturb sleep. But despite the extensive literature discussing the effects of noise in clinical settings, scarcely any research has been done on the role noise plays in mental healthcare environments.
Key Point Summary

Appraisal of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in healthcare facilities: A literature review

Author(s): Nimlyat, P. S., Kandar, M. Z.

Guidelines for the design of a healing garden for the rehabilitation of psychiatric patients

Author(s): Erbino, C., Toccolini, A., Vagge, I., Ferrario, P. S.
Healing gardens can be defined as plant-populated areas designed to support and improve patient health and well-being. Previous studies have indicated that healing gardens are effective tools for improving physical and mental health in patients, families, and staff, ultimately leading to reduced care costs and general quality of life. 
Key Point Summary

Suicide-specific Safety in the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

Author(s): de Santis, M. L., Myrick, H., Lamis, D. A., Pelic, C. P., Rhue, C., York, J.