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Knowledge Repository

Designing Emergency Departments to Provide Efficient, Patient-Centered Care: An Analysis of Split Flow and Sub-Waiting Area Models

Author(s): Easter, B., Houshiarian, N., Pati, D., Lennon, J., Wiler, J.

Creative methods exploring user-experience in research and design of healthcare environments: A systematized review protocol

Author(s): Jellema, P., Annemans, M., Heylighen, A., Hannes, K., Heylighen, Ann, Dierckx de Casterlé, B., Truyen, F., Declercq, A.

Low-impact flooring: Does it reduce fall-related injuries?

Author(s): Hanger, H. C.

Auditory exposure in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Room type and other predictors

Author(s): Pineda, R., Durant, P., Mathur, A., Inder, T., Wallendorf, M., Schlaggar, B. L.

Development of the Korean framework for senior-friendly hospitals: a Delphi study

Author(s): Kim, Y.-S., Han, S.-H., Hwang, J.-H., Park, J.-M., Lee, J., Choi, J., Moon, Y., Kim, H. J., Shin, G. J. E., Lee, J.-S., Choi, Y. J., Uhm, K. E., Kim, I. A., Nam, J.-W.

Potential structural obstacles to effective implementation of neonatal intensive care unit rapid response teams

Author(s): Das, P., Pham, T., Fletcher, L., Herriman, M., Milanaik, R.

Environment as non pharmacological intervention in the care of Alzheimer’s disease

Author(s): Gramegna, S. M., Biamonti, A.

Decreasing spatial disorientation in care-home settings: How psychology can guide the development of dementia friendly design guidelines

Author(s): O’Malley, M., Innes, A., Wiener, J. M.

Impact of facilities management on the quality of life for the elderly in care and attention homes – Cross-validation by quantitative and qualitative studies

Author(s): Leung, M.-Y., Yu, J., Chong, M. L. A.

Negotiating and valuing spaces: The discourse of space and ‘home’ in care homes

Author(s): Kenkmann, A., Poland, F., Burns, D., Hyde, P., Killett, A.