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Knowledge Repository

Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Noise Pollution With the Use of a Pediatric Delirium Bundle

Author(s): Kawai, Y., Weatherhead, J. R., Traube, C., Owens, T. A., Shaw, B. E., Fraser, E. J., Scott, A. M., Wojczynski, M. R., Slaman, K. L., Cassidy, P. M., Baker, L. A., Shellhaas, R. A., Dahmer, M. K., Shever, L. L., Malas, N. M., Niedner, M. F.

Beyond ADA Accessibility Requirements: Meeting Seniors’ Needs for Toilet Transfers

Author(s): Lee, S. J., Sanford, J., Calkins, M. P., Melgen, S., Endicott, S., Phillips, A.

Application of user experience map and safety map to design healthcare service

Author(s): Li, J., Liu, L., Zheng, Y.

Designing Emergency Departments to Provide Efficient, Patient-Centered Care: An Analysis of Split Flow and Sub-Waiting Area Models

Author(s): Wiler, J., Lennon, J., Vincent, D., Houshiarian, N., Easter, B., Pati, D.

Sustainable healthcare facilities: Reconciling bed capacity and local needs

Author(s): Pantzartzis, E., Edum-Fotwe, F. T., Price, A. D. F.

Pre-post evaluation of effects of a Titanium Dioxide coating on environmental contamination of an Intensive Care Unit: the TITANIC study

Author(s): de Jong, B., Meeder, A. M., Koekkoek, K. W.A.C., Schouten, M. A., Westers, P., van Zanten, A. R.H.

Reduction of Environmental Contamination With Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria by Copper-Alloy Coating of Surfaces in a Highly Endemic Setting

Author(s): Souli, M., Antoniadou, A., Katsarolis, I., Mavrou, I., Paramythiotou, E., Papadomichelakis, E., Drogari-Apiranthitou, M., Panagea, T., Giamarellou, H., Petrikkos, G., Armaganidis, Apostolos
Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are often caused by multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs). This is especially problematic in intensive care units (ICUs) due to the vulnerable nature of both patients and staff in these environments.
Key Point Summary

Noise Reduction in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Author(s): Ahamed, M. F., Campbell, D., Horan, S., Rosen, O.
Elevated noise levels are regularly associated with adverse health effects among patients within healthcare environments. Infants are particularly vulnerable to elevated noise levels due to the immaturity of their auditory pathways, implying that neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) have an even greater responsibility for reducing noise levels.
Key Point Summary

Participatory art based research with children’s to gain their perspectives on designing health care environments

Author(s): Water, T., Wrapson, J., Reay, S., Tokolahi, E., Payam, S.

A design for a more efficient, upper room germicidal ultraviolet air disinfection luminaire

Author(s): Milonova, S., Brandston, H. M., Rudnick, S., Ngai, P., Simonson, K., Rahman, S. F., Nardell, E.