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Knowledge Repository

Using a bespoke situated digital kiosk to encourage user participation in healthcare environment design

Author(s): Mackrill, J., Marshall, P., Payne, S. R., Dimitrokali, E., Cain, R.
Added December 2017

Towards a building typology and terminology for Irish hospitals

Author(s): Grey, T., Kennelly, S., de Freine, P., Mahon, S., Mannion, V., O'Neill, D.
Added December 2017

Developing Evidence-based Tools for Designing and Evaluating Hospital Inpatient Rooms

Author(s): Quan, X., Joseph, A., Nanda, U.
Added September 2017

Using a Discrete Choice Conjoint Experiment to Engage Stakeholders in the Design of an Outpatient Children’s Health Center

Author(s): Cunningham, C. E., Niccols, A., Rimas, H., Robicheau, R., Anderson, C., DeVries, B.
Added December 2017

Participatory design, wicked problems, choosing by advantages

Author(s): Kpamma, Z. E., Adjei-Kumi, T., Ayarkwa, J., Adinyira, E.
Added December 2017

A Value Analysis of Lean Processes in Target Value Design and Integrated Project Delivery: Stakeholder Perception

Author(s): Nanda, U., Rybkowski, Z. K., Pati, S., Nejati, A.
Added September 2017

Studying Space Use: Bringing HCI Tools to Architectural Projects

Author(s): Verma, H., Alavi, H., Lalanne, Denis
Added September 2017

Evaluating Lean Thinking and Facility Design in Two University Hospitals

Author(s): Ruohomäki, V., Reijula, E., Reijula, J.
Added September 2017

A Conceptual Framework for Integration of Evidence-Based Design with Lighting Simulation Tools

Author(s): Davoodi, A., Johansson, P., Henricson, M., Aries, M.
Added September 2017

“Little Things Matter!” Exploring the Perspectives of Patients with Dementia about the Hospital Environment

Author(s): Hung, L., Phinney, A., Chaudhury, H., Rodney, P., Tabamo, J., Bohl, D.
Added February 2019