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Knowledge Repository

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Mental Healthcare Facility Based on Staff Perceptions of Design Innovations

Author(s): Kalantari, S., Snell, R.
Post-occupancy evaluation (POE) is a research method for gathering information on the effectiveness of new architectural designs in healthcare environments. POE can help healthcare providers and designers gauge whether or not a given design is achieving its intended purpose. Since evidence-based designs are becoming more widely implemented in a variety of healthcare environments, POE could prove useful in many different departmental contexts. The authors note that the application of POE in research focusing on mental healthcare facilities is rare, signaling a need for exploration
Key Point Summary
Added December 2017

Towards a building typology and terminology for Irish hospitals

Author(s): Grey, T., Kennelly, S., de Freine, P., Mahon, S., Mannion, V., O'Neill, D.
Added December 2017

A large-scale survey of inpatient suicides: comparison between medical and psychiatric settings

Author(s): Inoue, K., Kawanishi, C., Otsuka, K., Cho, Y., Shiraishi, M., Ishii, T., Onishi, H., Hirayasu, Y.
Added December 2017

Sustainable healthcare facilities: Reconciling bed capacity and local needs

Author(s): Pantzartzis, E., Edum-Fotwe, F. T., Price, A. D. F.
Added March 2019

Beyond Ebola treatment units: severe infection temporary treatment units as an essential element of Ebola case management during an outbreak

Author(s): Janke, C., Heim, K. M., Steiner, F., Massaquoi, M., Gbanya, M. Z., Frey, C., Froeschl, G.
Added September 2017

Predictors of activity involvement in dementia care homes: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Smit, D., de Lange, J., Willemse, B., Pot, A. M.
Added September 2017

A Two Stage Heuristics for Improvement of Existing Multi Floor Healthcare Facility Layout

Author(s): El Kady, A., Sami, S. A., Eldeib, A. M.
Added September 2017

Aligning Facility Changes to Modernize and Improve Emergency Department Care

Author(s): Adkins, E., Foran, M., Gill, M., Delatore, L., Moseley, M., Terndrup, T. E., Walsh, J.
Added February 2019

Understanding Wayfinding Experience of Hospital Visitor through Tours and Maps Analysis

Author(s): Mustikawati, T., Yatmo, Y. A., Atmodiwirjo, P.
Hospitals are complex environments full of many visitors, staff members, and patients. This kind of environment can make simple navigation difficult for visitors in particular.
Key Point Summary
Added December 2018