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Knowledge Repository

Exploring the Impact of a Dual Occupancy Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on Staff Workflow, Activity, and Their Perceptions

Author(s): Broom, M., Kecskes, Z., Kildea, S., Gardner, A.

Dynamic Alarm Systems for Hospitals (D.A.S.H.)

Author(s): Burdick, K. J., Chowdhury, A. R., Greer, J. M., Schlesinger, J. J.

A Study of Relationships Between Content in Documents From Health Service Operational Plans and Documents From the Planning of New Healthcare Environments

Author(s): Elf, M., Lindahl, G., Anåker, A.

Recognising the importance of informal communication events in improving collaborative care

Author(s): Burm, S., Boese, K., Faden, L., DeLuca, S., Huda, N., Hibbert, K., Goldszmidt, M.

The Seniors’ Outdoor Survey (SOS Tool): Comparing ratings and reliability between Italy and the USA

Author(s): Bardenhagen, E., Senes, G., Rodiek, S., Ferrara, C., Nejati, A., Fumagalli, N., Giornelli, A., Lee, C.

Comparing the Effectiveness of Four Different Design Media in Communicating Desired Performance Outcomes With Clinical End Users

Author(s): Wingler, D., Machry, H., Bayramzadeh, S., Joseph, A., Allison, D.

Influence of Color in a Lactation Room on Users’ Affective Impressions and Preferences

Author(s): López-Tarruella, J., Llinares Millán, C., Serra Lluch, J., Iñarra Abad, S., Wijk, H.

Effects of Emergency Department Physical Design Elements on Security, Wayfinding, Visibility, Privacy, and Efficiency and its Implications on Staff Satisfaction and Performance

Author(s): Zamani, Z.

The Physiological Impact of Window Murals on Pediatric Patients

Author(s): Pearson, M., Gaines, K., Pati, D., Colwell, M., Motheral, L., Adams, Nicole Gilinsky

“It’s lonely”: Patients’ experiences of the physical environment at a newly built stroke unit

Author(s): Anåker, A., von Koch, L., Heylighen, A., Elf, M.