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Knowledge Repository

Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study

Author(s): Johansson, L., Lindahl, B., Knutsson, ., Ögren, M., Persson Waye, K., Ringdal, M.
Long-term studies measuring acoustics in ICU environments is lacking. This information is important to understand the effects of sound on seriously ill patients and those suffering from ICU delirium.
Key Point Summary
Added April 2018

Preventing Emergency Department Violence through Design

Author(s): Lenaghan, P. A., Cirrincione, N. M., Henrich, S.
Added March 2019

Towards Wellbeing: Hospital Evaluation Using the Problem-Seeking Method

Author(s): Parshall, S., Fonseca, S.
Added September 2017

Antimicrobial textiles and infection prevention - Clothes and inanimate environment

Author(s): McQueen, R. H., Ehnes, B. L., Bearman, G., Munoz-Price, S., Morgan, D., Murthy, R.
Added March 2019

Post-Occupancy Evaluation: Research Paradigm or Diagnostic Tool

Author(s): Becker, F., Preiser, W. F. E., Hardy, A. E., Schramm, U.
Added August 2018

Towards a Hospital Activation Process Model

Author(s): Preiser, Wolfgang F.E., Hardy, Andrea E., Schramm, Ulrich, Preiser, Wolfgang F. E., Petronis, John P., Petronis, John W., Petronis, Lexi
Added September 2017

Evidence and speculation: Reimagining approaches to architecture and research within the paediatric hospital

Author(s): McLaughlan, R., Pert, A.
Added March 2019

Acute alerting effects of light: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Souman, J. L., Tinga, A. M., te Pas, S. F., van Ee, R., Vlaskamp, B. N. S.
Added August 2020

Emerging Trends in Performance Evaluation of Pediatric Intensive Care Units in Japanese Children’s Hospitals

Author(s): Kato, Akikazu, Mori, Shiho, Kato, Masayuki, Preiser, Wolfgang F.E., Hardy, Andrea E., Schramm, Ulrich
Added December 2017

Decentralization: The Corridor Is the Problem, Not the Alcove

Author(s): Hamilton, K., Swoboda, S. M., Lee, J.-T., Anderson, D. C.
This study explored changes within the healthcare industry (e.g., single-patient rooms, electronic medical records, etc.) and the shift to a more linear unit design as factors that could be leading to communication breakdowns, challenging the notion that a decentralized nursing station is the primary contributor.  
Key Point Summary
Added December 2017