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Knowledge Repository

Opportunities for inpatient room designs that facilitate imaging professionals in providing diagnostic patient care: A mixed methods study

Author(s): Evans, K. D., Sommerich, C. M., Sanders, E. B.-N., Patterson, E. S., Li, J., Lavender, S. A.

Patients perspective on multiple vs. single-occupancy rooms in a busy district hospital

Author(s): Tariq, S., Chauhan, M. N., Ahmed, S. E., Canelo, R.

The influence of hospitable design and service on patient responses

Author(s): Suess, C., Mody, M. A.

Analytical study on design deficiencies in the envelope projects of healthcare buildings in Spain

Author(s): Carretero-Ayuso, M. J., García-Sanz-Calcedo, J.

Hotel-like hospital rooms’ impact on patient well-being and willingness to pay: An examination using the theory of supportive design

Author(s): Suess, C., Mody, M. A.

The acute care for elders unit model of care

Author(s): Palmer, R. M.

Numerical study of temperature-controlled airflow in comparison with turbulent mixing and laminar airflow for operating room ventilation

Author(s): Wang, C., Holmberg, S., Sadrizadeh, S.

Radiology architecture project primer

Author(s): Sze, R. W., Hogan, L., Teshima, S., Davidson, S.

Radiology design project primer

Author(s): Sze, R. W., Teshima, S., Hogan, L., Davidson, S.

A Universal Design perspective on care homes for elderly people with and without dementia

Author(s): Mathiasen, N., Craddock, G., Doran, C., McNutt, L., Rice, D., Kirkeby, I. M., Sigbrand, L.