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Knowledge Repository

Assessing the impact of dementia inclusive environmental adjustment in the emergency department

Author(s): Bracken-Scally, M., Keogh, B., Daly, L., Pittalis, C., Kennelly, B., Hynes, G., Gibb, M., Cole, N., McMahon, C. G., Lawlor, B., McCarron, M., Brady, A.-M.

Graphic designed bedroom doors to support dementia wandering in residential care homes: Innovative practice

Author(s): Varshawsky, A. L., Traynor, V.

Chris and Sally’s House: Adapting a home for people living with dementia (innovative practice)

Author(s): Jais, C., Hignett, S., Halsall, W., Kelly, D., Cook, M., Hogervorst, E.

Do bedside whiteboards enhance communication in hospitals? An exploratory multimethod study of patient and nurse perspectives

Author(s): Goyal, A., Glanzman, H., Quinn, M., Tur, K., Singh, S., Winter, S., Snyder, A., Chopra, V.

Spatiotemporal occupancy for building analytics

Author(s): Gomez-Zamora, P.

Performance evaluation for hospital facility management: literature review and a research methodology

Author(s): Lai, J., Yuen, P.l.

Evaluating indoor environmental quality of a wellness center through objective, subjective and architectural criteria

Author(s): Alkabashi, A. H. A.

Toilet plume aerosol generation rate and environmental contamination following bowl water inoculation with Clostridium difficile spores

Author(s): Aithinne, K. A. N., Cooper, C. W., Lynch, R. A., Johnson, D. L.

Surface contamination of CT and MRI equipment—A potential source for transmission of hospital-acquired infections

Author(s): Palmqvist, C., Samuelsson, A., Fröding, I., Giske, C. G.

From competition to collaboration: How a multi-firm research coalition is realizing rigorous facility evaluation at Parkland Hospital

Author(s): Brittin, J., Okland, K., Rogers, J. L., Rich, R. K., Bazuin, D., Harper, K., Roy, L.