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Knowledge Repository

Implications of a Decentralized Postpartum Unit Design and Clinical Operations

Author(s): Freihoefer, K., Lindval, S., Bayramzadeh, S., Hanson, L.

Investigation on the contaminant distribution with improved ventilation system in hospital isolation rooms: Effect of supply and exhaust air diffuser configurations

Author(s): Cho, J.

Building is Only Half of the Battle: Multi-level interventions to impact change

Author(s): Peavey, Erin

Effect on nurse and patient experience: Overnight use of blue-depleted illumination

Author(s): Albala, L., Bober, T., Hale, G., Warfield, B., Collins, M. L., Merritt, Z., Steimetz, E., Nadler, S., Lev, Y., Hanifin, J.

Evaluating generated layouts in a healthcare departmental adjacency optimization problem

Author(s): Lather, J. I., Timothy, L., Renner, K., Messner, J. I.

“No Waiting” in the “Waiting Room”: The self-rooming patient pilot study

Author(s): Presutti, R. J., Willis, F. B., Scott, R., Greig, H. E., Abu Dabrh, A. M.

Simulation of thermal management in a surgical operating theatre and its experimental verification

Author(s): Khalil, E. E., ElDegwy, A.

Infection prevention in long-term care: re-evaluating the system using a human factors engineering approach

Author(s): Katz, M. J., Gurses, A. P.

Impact of a novel antimicrobial surface coating on health care–associated infections and environmental bioburden at 2 urban hospitals

Author(s): Ellingson, K. D., Pogreba-Brown, K., Gerba, C. P., Elliott, S. P.

Autonomy-supportive environments for people living with Dementia: A case study of two Dementia residences

Author(s): Li, J., Zeisel, J.