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Knowledge Repository

The perceptual and behavioral influence on dental professionals from the noise in their workplace

Author(s): Ma, K. W., Mak, C. M., Wong, H. M.

Psychiatric ward design can reduce aggressive behavior

Author(s): Ulrich, R. S., Bogren, L., Gardiner, S. K., Lundin, S.

Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study

Author(s): Johansson, L., Lindahl, B., Knutsson, ., Ögren, M., Persson Waye, K., Ringdal, M.
Long-term studies measuring acoustics in ICU environments is lacking. This information is important to understand the effects of sound on seriously ill patients and those suffering from ICU delirium.
Key Point Summary

Systematic review of the effects of intensive-care-unit noise on sleep of healthy subjects and the critically ill

Author(s): Horsten, S., Reinke, L., Absalom, A. R., Tulleken, J. E.

Acoustic environments of patient room in a typical geriatric ward

Author(s): Jerlehag, C., Lee, P. J., Park, S. H., Jones, T., Carroll, N.
Previous studies have thoroughly demonstrated the harmful effects of background noise within healthcare environments; one study found that high levels of background noise disrupted patient sleep cycles, while even higher levels of noise led to elevated heart rates among nurses. 
Key Point Summary

Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Noise Pollution With the Use of a Pediatric Delirium Bundle

Author(s): Kawai, Y., Weatherhead, J. R., Traube, C., Owens, T. A., Shaw, B. E., Fraser, E. J., Scott, A. M., Wojczynski, M. R., Slaman, K. L., Cassidy, P. M., Baker, L. A., Shellhaas, R. A., Dahmer, M. K., Shever, L. L., Malas, N. M., Niedner, M. F.

Noise Reduction in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Author(s): Ahamed, M. F., Campbell, D., Horan, S., Rosen, O.
Elevated noise levels are regularly associated with adverse health effects among patients within healthcare environments. Infants are particularly vulnerable to elevated noise levels due to the immaturity of their auditory pathways, implying that neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) have an even greater responsibility for reducing noise levels.
Key Point Summary

New technical solution to minimise noise exposure for surgical staff: the ‘silent operating theatre optimisation system’

Author(s): Friedrich, M. G., Boos, M., Pagel, M., Thormann, T., Berakdar, A., Russo, S., Tirilomis, T.

Effect of outdoor noise and façade sound insulation on indoor acoustic environment of Italian schools

Author(s): Secchi, S., Astolfi, A., Calosso, G., Casini, D., Cellai, G., Scamoni, F., Scrosati, C., Shtrepi, L.

From Atmosphere to Intervention: The circular dynamic of installations in hospital waiting areas

Author(s): Hajdu, G., Carey, B., Lazarević, G., Weymann, E.