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Knowledge Repository

Gardens In Healthcare Facilities: Uses, Therapeutic Benefits, And Design Recommendations

Author(s): Marcus, C.C., Barnes, M.M.

A room with a view art survey: The Bird Garden at Duke University Hospital

Author(s): Hefferman, M.L., Morstatt, M., Saltzman, K., Strunc, L.

Wayfinding in dementia of the Alzheimer type: planning abilities

Author(s): Passini, R., Rainville, C., Marchand, N., Joanette, Y.

Renovation of a semiprivate patient room. Bowman Center Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit

Author(s): Hahn, J.E., Jones, M.R., Waszkiewicz, M.

Does physical activity improve sleep in impaired nursing home residents?

Author(s): Alessi, C.A., Schnelle, J.F., MacRae, P.G., Ouslander, J.G., al-Samarrai, N., Simmons, S.F., Traub, S.