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Knowledge Repository

Patients, Staff & Families Find Comfort in Healing Garden

Author(s): Varni, J.W, Whitehouse, S, Kurtin, P.S., Sadler, B.

Psychiatric units in district general hospitals: Design issues

Author(s): Shrivastava, R., Kumar, S., Jacobson, R.R.

Health, Environment and Sustainable Development: Identifying Links and Indicators to Promote Action

Author(s): Corvalan, C.F., Kjellstrom, T., Smith, K.R.

Outdoor Wandering Parks for Persons with Dementia: A Survey of Characteristics and Use.

Author(s): Cohen-Mansfield, J., Werner, P.

To err is human: Building a safer health system

Author(s): Kohn, L.T., Corrigan, J.M., Donaldson, M.S.

Effects of gardens on health outcomes: theory and research

Author(s): Ulrich, R.

Wayfinding: effective wayfinding and signing systems

Author(s): Miller, C., Lewis, D.