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Knowledge Repository

Quality Health Services for Hispanics: The Cultural Competency Component

Author(s): Duran, D.G., Reyes, C., Villarruel, A., Brana-Lopez, A., Gomez, P., Mora, J., Paz, J.

Evaluating a children's hospital garden environment: Utilization and consumer satisfaction

Author(s): Whitehouse, S., Varni, J.W., Seid, M., Cooper-Marcus, C., Ensberg, M.J., Jacobs, J.R., Mehlenbeck, R.S.

New unit on old ground or general hospital - where do patients want inpatient treatment?

Author(s): Lyons, D., El Sayed, O.A., Matthew, V.M.

Strategies for detour finding in a virtual maze: The role of the visual perspective

Author(s): Janzen, G., Schade, M., Katz, S., Herrmann, T.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Therapeutic Gardens in a Multi-Level Care Facility for the Aged

Author(s): Heath, Y., Gifford, R.

Complex architectural settings: An investigation of spatial and cognitive variables through wayfinding behavior.

Author(s): Haq, S.-U.

Beyond toxicity: Human health and the natural environment

Author(s): Frumkin, H.

Infection control considerations during construction activities: Land excavation and demolition

Author(s): Cheng, S.M., Streifel, A.J.

Taking on toxics II: Health care without harm

Author(s): Cray, C..

A Multiple Case Study of Wayfinding in Dementia of the Alzheimer Type: Decision Making.

Author(s): Rainville, C., Passini, R., Marchand, N.