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Knowledge Repository

Urban Residential Environments and Senior Citizens’ Longevity in Megacity Areas: The Importance of Walkable Green Spaces

Author(s): Takano, T., Nakamura, K., Watanabe, M.

Influence of an Outdoor Garden on Mood and Stress in Older Persons

Author(s): Rodiek, S. D.
Research conducted in healthcare settings shows that the presence of plants and natural environments in healthcare environments has a positive impact on patient outcome. The value of nature and gardening to the older adult is also reported in literature. 
Key Point Summary

Perceptions of the Physical Environment, Stage of Change for Physical Activity, and Walking Among Australian Adults

Author(s): Carnegie, M. A., Bauman, A., Marshall, A. L., Mohsin, M., Westley-Wise, V., Booth, M. L.
The health benefits of regular physical activity are well-established. An understanding of the factors that influence physical activity behaviors is greatly needed to influence sedentary population groups to become more physically active. Psychological, physiological, demographic, and environmental factors are known to influence physical activity. The increasing interest in physical environmental factors such as pleasant walking paths away from traffic, bike paths, weather conditions, and neighborhood safety has arisen due to broader, integrated models developed to more comprehensively explain physical activity behavior. 
Key Point Summary

Architectural design of a secure forensic state psychiatric hospital

Author(s): Dvoskin, J.A., Radomski, S.J., Bennett, C., Olin, J.A., Hawkins, R.L., Dotson, L.A., Drewnicky, I.N.

New vistas. Evidence-based design projects look into the links between a facility's environment and its care

Author(s): Bilchik, G.S.

The design of caring environments and the quality of life of older people

Author(s): Barnes, S., Design in Caring Environments Study, G.

A toolkit for redesign in healthcare

Author(s): AHRQ

Postoccupancy evaluation: Issues and implementation

Author(s): Zimring, C.

Culture of Compassion: Creation of a Healing Environment at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

Author(s): Gray, J., Mile, K.