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Knowledge Repository

Influences of building design and site design on physical activity - Research and intervention opportunities

Author(s): Zimring, C., Joseph, A., Nicoll, G.L., Tsepas, S.

Nursing and the arts. Nature and well-being

Author(s): Young-Mason, J.

Impact of building configuration on air quality in street canyon

Author(s): Xie, X., Huang, Z., Wang, J.

Post-occupancy evaluation of healing gardens in a pediatric cancer center

Author(s): Sherman, S.A., Varni, J.W., Ulrich, R.S., Malcarne, V.L.

Children's environments and health-related quality of life: evidence informing pediatric healthcare environmental design

Author(s): Sherman, S., Shepley, M., Varni, J.

Caregivers' Evaluation on Hospitalized Children's Preferences Concerning Garden and Ward

Author(s): Said, I., Salleh, S.S., Abu Bakar, M.S., Mohamad, I.

Multiple Impacts of the Built Environment on Public Health: Walkable Places and the Exposure to Air Pollution

Author(s): Frank, L.D., Engelke, P.

Case study on construction infection control: Active Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit, Health Sciences Centre -- Winnipeg, MB

Author(s): D'Angiolo, V.

The healing environment in our communities and healthcare settings: research excellence into practice

Author(s): Craft, N.

Learning From Doing: Conducting a SAGE Postoccupancy Evaluation

Author(s): Calkins, M.P.