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Knowledge Repository

A comparison of wandering behavior in nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Author(s): Beattie, E.R.A., Song, J., LaGore, S.

Innovative hospital designs make a difference

Author(s): Barker, B.T., DeBord, D.R., Jr.

Molecular identification of potential pathogens in water and air of a hospital therapy pool

Author(s): Angenent, L.T., Kelley, S.T., St .Amand, A., Pace, N.R., Hernandez, M.T.

No Opportunity Wasted: The Case for Building Better Hospitals is Stronger Than Ever

Author(s): Sadler, B.

Center for Health Design Releases Findings on How Design Can Improve the Standards of Care in Healthcare Facilities


Universal symbols in healthcare workbook

Author(s): Hablamos Juntas

The hospital built environment: What role might funders of health services play?

Author(s): AHRQ

Going Lean in Health Care

Author(s): Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Creating a culture of patient safety through innovative hospital design.

Author(s): Reiling, J.G.

Married to the brand: Why consumers bond with some brands for life: Lessons from 60 years of research into the psychology of consumer relationships.

Author(s): McEwen, W.J.