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Knowledge Repository

Radical Redesign of Nursing Homes: Applying the Green House Concept in Tupelo, Mississippi

Author(s): Rabig, J., Thomas, W., Kane, R. A., Cutler, L. J., McAlilly, S.
The Green House design should be considered as nursing home resident numbers are growing. Early experiences with the “pod-like” structure show positive effects on residents, families, and staff.
Key Point Summary

Space, Choice and Control, and Quality of Life in Care Settings for Older People

Author(s): Barnes, S.
In Britain, residential care and nursing homes for elderly patients have been subject to changing design regulations over several decades. These regulations take into account the “gradations of space” allotted to patients, meaning the extent to which the buildings themselves provide public, semiprivate, and private spaces for the patients.
Key Point Summary

Perceived hospital environment quality indicators: A study of orthopaedic units

Author(s): Fornara, F., Bonaiuto, M., Bonnes, M.
The field of healthcare design has increasingly recognized the need for building environments that are more ‘‘user-centered,’’ but spatial–physical features have not typically been included in assessment surveys on patient satisfaction.
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Health Promotion by Design in Long-Term Care Settings

Author(s): Joseph, A.

Some Benefits of Nearby Nature for Hospital Visitors: Restorative Walks in Nichols Arboretum

Author(s): Levine, K.A.

User preferences, information transactions and location-based services: A study of urban pedestrian wayfinding

Author(s): Li, C.

Effect of built-environment factors on healthcare: Satisfaction, operations, and outcomes

Author(s): Etchegaray, J., Fischer, W., Sisolak, J., Lipka, S.
Reduced noise levels, pleasant distractions, safety features, wayfinding systems, support spaces, and patient/family/caregiver control reduces stress, errors, and pain, while at the same time increasing referrals and staff retention. 
Key Point Summary

Environmental leadership for healthier patients and facilities

Author(s): Cohen, G., Vittori, Atwood, Rossi, Lent, Brannen, Harvie, Schettler

The boom goes on

Author(s): Carpenter, D.

How Hospital Design Saves Lives

Author(s): Blum, A.