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Knowledge Repository

Dementia Care Redesigned: Effects of Small-Scale Living Facilities on Residents, Their Family Caregivers, and Staff

Author(s): Verbeek, H., Zwakhalen, S. M. G., van Rossum, E., Ambergen, T., Kempen, G., Hamers, J. P. H.
Small-scale environments are increasing in popularity for the care of dementia patients. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy. 
Key Point Summary

A neural wayfinding mechanism adjusts for ambiguous landmark information

Author(s): Janzen, G., Jansen, C.
In order to find their way through their surroundings, people need to adapt to different and changing environments.  Objects placed in strategic locations can serve as helpful navigational cues.  Using functional magnetic resonance images (fMRI) to monitor brain activity, this study investigates how the brain is able to distinguish and process helpful information from the environment for navigational purposes.
Key Point Summary

Universal symbols in healthcare: Developing a Symbols-Based Wayfinding System: Implementation Guidebook

Author(s): Hablamos Juntas