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Knowledge Repository

Life Safety Code Comparison

Author(s): Crowley, M. A., Harper, J. E.

Symposium looks into healthy designs

Author(s): Bennett, S.

The Road Ahead: The Need to Clarify and Re-Conceptualize Healing Environments

Author(s): Kuo, N., Hui, C.

The healing environment in our communities and healthcare settings: research excellence into practice

Author(s): Craft, N.

Center for Health Design Releases Findings on How Design Can Improve the Standards of Care in Healthcare Facilities


The Business Case for Better Buildings

Author(s): Berry, L., Parker, D., Coile, R., Hamilton, D.K., O'Neill, D., Sadler, B.

Optimizing physical space for improved outcomes: Satisfaction and the bottom line

Author(s): Hendrich, A.

New vistas. Evidence-based design projects look into the links between a facility's environment and its care

Author(s): Bilchik, G.S.

Postoccupancy evaluation: Issues and implementation

Author(s): Zimring, C.

Physical Comfort, Social Contact, Wayfinding and Meaning as Indicators of Stress in a Hospital Enironment

Author(s): Ortega-Andeane, P.