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Knowledge Repository

Wayfinding behavior and spatial knowledge of adults and children in a virtual environment: The role of the environmental structure

Author(s): Jansen-Osmann, P., Schmid, J., Heil, M.

Up the down staircase: Wayfinding strategies in multi-level buildings

Author(s): Holscher, C., Mellinger, T., Vrachliotis, G., Brosamle, M., Knauff, M.

Just Down The Road A Piece The Development of Topological Knowledge of Building Layouts

Author(s): Haq, S., Zimring, C.

Strategies for detour finding in a virtual maze: The role of the visual perspective

Author(s): Janzen, G., Schade, M., Katz, S., Herrmann, T.

Complex architectural settings: An investigation of spatial and cognitive variables through wayfinding behavior.

Author(s): Haq, S.-U.

Spatial Factors Affecting Wayfinding and Orientation - A Case Study in a Shopping Mall

Author(s): Dogu, U., Erkip, F.