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Knowledge Repository

Transforming care in children's hospitals through environmental design: Literature Review

Author(s): Joseph, A., Keller, A., Kronick, K.

The Road Ahead: The Need to Clarify and Re-Conceptualize Healing Environments

Author(s): Kuo, N., Hui, C.

Sustainable design in the post-Katrina era

Author(s): Odell, Wilson, Lazarus

Standard principles for preventing and controlling infection

Author(s): Chalmers, C., Straub, M.

Case study on construction infection control: Active Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit, Health Sciences Centre -- Winnipeg, MB

Author(s): D'Angiolo, V.

The healing environment in our communities and healthcare settings: research excellence into practice

Author(s): Craft, N.

Molecular identification of potential pathogens in water and air of a hospital therapy pool

Author(s): Angenent, L.T., Kelley, S.T., St .Amand, A., Pace, N.R., Hernandez, M.T.

Hygiene Highlights – Infection Control During Construction Activities in Healt h Care Facilities

Author(s): Cormack, W.

Evidence-based design could help quality of care


Ergonomic principles in the design of healthcare environments

Author(s): Eichner, J.