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Knowledge Repository

Nutrition and Exercise Environment Available to Outpatients, Visitors, and Staff in Children's Hospitals in Canada and the United States

Author(s): McDonald, C., Karamlou, T., Wengle, J., Gibson, J., McCrindle, B.

Daytime sleeping, sleep disturbance, and circadian rhythms in the nursing home

Author(s): Martin, J.L., Webber, A.P., Alam, T., Harker, J.O., Josephson, K.R., Alessi, C.A.

Healing gardens-places for nature in health care

Author(s): Hartig, T., Cooper Marcus, C.

Vitamin G: effects of green space on health, well-being, and social safety

Author(s): Groenewegen, P., Verheij, R., Van den Berg, A,, deVries, S.

Environmental leadership for healthier patients and facilities

Author(s): Cohen, G., Vittori, Atwood, Rossi, Lent, Brannen, Harvie, Schettler

The boom goes on

Author(s): Carpenter, D.

How Hospital Design Saves Lives

Author(s): Blum, A.

AORN Guidance Statement: Environmental Responsibility

Author(s): Anonymous

Designing a healing environment

Author(s): Anderson, E., Huelat, B., Jarvis, A., Johnson, S., Klawiter, A., Lopman, A., Norris, J., Ramsey, C., Shetterly, P., Wyman, M.A.

Improving healthcare with better building design

Author(s): Marberry, S.O.