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Knowledge Repository

Clevland Clinic's New Look More Than Just A Pretty Face

Author(s): Spector, H.

Therapeutic Responses to Natural Environments

Author(s): Mitrione, S.

Greening Healthcare: 21st Century and Beyond

Author(s): Hall, A.G.

Constructed wetlands for urban grey water recycling

Author(s): Frazer-Williams, R., Avery, L., Winward, G., Jeffrey, P., Shirley-Smith, C., Liu, S., Memon, F.A., Jefferson, B.

Designing for safety: evidence-based design and hospitals

Author(s): Clancy, C.M.

The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting With Nature

Author(s): Berman, M.G., Jonides, J., Kaplan, S.

Symposium looks into healthy designs

Author(s): Bennett, S.

Strategies to reduce patient harm: understanding the role of design and the built environment

Author(s): Barach, P.

Healthy Environment, Healthy Patient

Author(s): Ananth, S.

Optimal Healing Environments: Building Healing Spaces

Author(s): Ananth, S.M.