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Knowledge Repository

Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1

Author(s): van Doremalen, N., Bushmaker, T., Morris, Dylan H., Holbrook, M. G., Gamble, A., Williamson, B. N., Tamin, A., Harcourt, J. L., Thornburg, N. J., Gerber, S. I., Lloyd-Smith, J. O., de Wit, E., Munster, V. J.

The role of antimicrobial surfaces in hospitals to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

Author(s): Schmidt, M. G., Walker, J.

The effect of Copper-Oxide treated soft and hard surfaces on the incidence of Healthcare Associated Infections: A two-phase study

Author(s): Marik, P. E., Shankaran, S., King, L.

Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains on Reducing Bacterial Contamination—A Multicenter Study

Author(s): Luk, S., Chow, V. C. Y., Yu, K. C. H., Hsu, E. K., Tsang, Ngai Chong, Chuang, V. W. M., Lai, C. K. C., Hui, M., Lee, R. A., Lai, W. M., Que, T. L., Fung, S. C., To, W. K., Cheng, V. C. C., Wong, A. T. Y.

Copper for the Prevention of Outbreaks of Health Care–Associated Infections in a Long-term Care Facility for Older Adults

Author(s): Zerbib, S., Vallet, L., Muggeo, A., de Champs, C., Lefebvre, A., Jolly, D., Kanagaratnam, L.

Floor finish selection in health-care facilities: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Dixit, M. K., Singh, S., Lavy, S., Yan, W.

Beyond high-touch surfaces: Portable equipment and floors as potential sources of transmission of health care–associated pathogens

Author(s): Donskey, C. J.

The dynamic fomite transmission of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in hospitals and the possible improved intervention methods

Author(s): Xiao, S., Jones, R. M., Zhao, P., Li, Y.

The use of copper as an antimicrobial agent in health care, including obstetrics and gynecology

Author(s): Arendsen, L. P., Thakar, R., Sultan, A. H.

Self-disinfecting copper beds sustain terminal cleaning and disinfection (TC&D) effects throughout patient care

Author(s): Schmidt, M. G., Attaway, H. H., Fairey, S. E., Howard, J., Mohr, D., Craig, S.