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Knowledge Repository

Mitigation of urban heat islands: materials, utility programs, updates

Author(s): Rosenfeld, A.H., Akbari, H., Bretz, S., Fishman, B.L., Kurn, D.M., Sailor, D., Taha, H.

Environmental design, work, and well being: managing occupational stress through changes in the workplace environment

Author(s): Heerwagen, J.H., Heubach, J.G., Montgomery, J., Weimer, W.C.

Environment, patient, information, and organization in a pediatrics urodynamics unit

Author(s): Batista-Miranda, J., Darbey, M., Kelly, M., Baurer, S.

Viral contamination of environmental surfaces on a general paediatric ward and playroom in a major referral centre in Riyadh

Author(s): Akhter, J., Al-Hajjar, S., Myint, S., Hussain Qadri, S.

Staff, patient, and visitors: Responses to hospital unit enhancements

Author(s): Devlin, A.