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Knowledge Repository

Asthma and the indoor environment: the significance of emission of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds from newly painted indoor surfaces

Author(s): Wieslander, G., Norback, D., Bjornsson, E., Janson, C., Boman, G.

Architectural features and perceptions of community residences for people with mental retardation

Author(s): Thompson, T., Robinson, J., Dietrich, M., Farris, M., Sinclair, V.

Control of construction-associated nosocomial aspergillosis in an antiquated hematology unit

Author(s): Loo, V.G., Bertrand, C., Dixon, C., Vitye, D., DeSalis, B., McLean, A.P., Brox, A., Robson, H.G.

Aspergillosis in immunocomprised paediatric patients: associations with building hygiene, design and indoor air

Author(s): Anderson, K., Morris, G., Kennedy, H., Croall, J., Michie, J., Richardson, M., Gibson, B.

Color, environment, and human response: An interdisciplinary understanding and its use as a beneficial element in the design of the architectural environment

Author(s): Mahnke, F.