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Knowledge Repository

An Investigation To Determine Whether the Built Environment Affects Patient's Medical Outcomes

Author(s): Rubin, H.R.M.D., Ph.D., Owens, A.J., Golden, G., Weber, D.O.

Toxicity of hydrogen peroxide produced by electroplated coatings to pathogenic bacteria

Author(s): Zhao, Z.-H., Sakagami, Y., Osaka, T.

Critical-care-unit bedside design and furnishing: impact on nosocomial infections

Author(s): Harvey, M.A.

Healing environment in psychiatric hospital design

Author(s): Gross, R., Sasson, Y., Zarhy, M., Zohar, J.

Practical issues for using solar-reflective materials to mitigate urban heat islands

Author(s): Bretz, S., Akbari, H., Rosenfeld, A.