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The Experience of a Community Hospital in Quantifying and Reducing Patient Falls.

Author(s): Alcée, D.
While patient falls always were reported to the Hospital Quality Management Committee and to the Nursing Quality Management Committee at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, most reports were made anecdotally. There was no critical review of the cause and effect of falls nor was there any "trending" on a month-to-month basis. Questions raised about specific falls that resulted in patient injuries led Nursing Administration to conduct a retrospective review of all patient falls.
Key Point Summary

Environmental quality and healing environments: A study of flooring materials in a healthcare telemetry unit.

Author(s): Harris, D.

Children in hospital: A design question

Author(s): Vavili, F.

The Influence of Flooring on Standing Comfort and Fatigue

Author(s): Redfern, M., Cham, R.

Intensive care unit design and environmental factors in the acquisition of infection

Author(s): O'Connell, N.H., Humphreys, H.

Potent Competitive Interactions of Some Brominated Fflame Retardants and Related Compounds With Human Transthyretin in Vitro

Author(s): Meerts, I.A.T.M., van Zanden, J.J.., Luijks, E., van Leeuwen-Bol, I., Marsh, G., Jakobsson, E., Bergman, A., Brouwer, A.

Feng Shui for the health sector: harmonious buildings, healthier people

Author(s): Jeffreys, P.

Creating a healing environment: the importance of the service setting in the new consumer-oriented healthcare system

Author(s): Fottler, M.D., Ford, R.C., Roberts, V., Ford, E.W.

Preventing falls on an elderly care rehabilitation ward

Author(s): Donald, I.P., Pitt, K., Armstrong, E., Shuttleworth, H.
Patient falls refer to patients’ unplanned descent to the floor with or without injuries to the patients. Patient falls are a leading cause of injuries and death and contribute to healthcare cost increase. Patient falls are more likely happen to elder patients and may cause special problems in rehabilitation units because falls may cause injuries and fear that impede the rehabilitation progress. It was also observed at the study site that the majority of falls happened at the bedside.
Key Point Summary

Effects of a multicomponent intervention on functional outcomes and process of care in hospitalized older patients: a randomized controlled trial of Acute Care for Elders (ACE) in a community hospital

Author(s): Counsell, S.R., Holder, C.M., Liebenauer, L.L., Palmer, R.M., Fortinsky, R.H., Kresevic, D.M., Quinn, L.M., Allen, K.R., Covinsky, K.E., Landefeld, C.S.