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Knowledge Repository

Effect of flooring on standing comfort and fatigue

Author(s): Cham, R., Redfern, M. S.

Top 10 Green Building Myths

Author(s): Roberts, G.

Organic compounds in indoor air- their relevance for perceived indoor air quality?

Author(s): Wolkoff, P., Nielsen, G.D.

Making health care healthier: a prescription for change

Author(s): Wienhold, B.

Phthalic Esters in the Indoor Environment – Test Chamber Studies on PVC-Coated Wallcoverings

Author(s): Uhde, E., Bednarek, M., Fuhrmann, F., Salthammer, T.

Effects of colour of light on nonvisual psychological processes

Author(s): Knez, I.

Brominated flame retardants: A novel class of developmental neurotoxicants in our environment?

Author(s): Eriksson, P., Jakobsson, E., Fredriksson, A.

Taking on toxics II: Health care without harm

Author(s): Cray, C..

Relationship between environmental fungal contamination and the incidence of invasive aspergillosis in haematology patients

Author(s): Alberti, C., Bouakline, A., Ribaud, P., Lacroix, C., Rousselot, P., Leblanc, T., Derouin, F.

Creation of a Healing Environment in a Clinical Cancer Center

Author(s): Shepard, D., Mersch, G.