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Knowledge Repository

Effectiveness of a multifaceted intervention on falls in nursing home residents

Author(s): Becker, C., Kron, M., Lindemann, U., Sturm, E., Eichner, B., Walter-Jung, B., Nikolaus, T.
Older people are particularly susceptible to falls and fractures due to mobility limitations and physical instability. Falls and fractures commonly result in functional deterioration, increased medical costs, and increased burden for all involved in the care setting. Attempts to prevent falls and reduce fall and fracture incidence rates both at home and in long-term care facilities span from educational interventions to adjustments of medication intake to environmental adaptations. 
Key Point Summary

Do appealing hospital rooms increase patient evaluations of physicians, nurses, and hospital services?

Author(s): Swan, JE, Richardson, LD, Hutton, JD
There is a trend to move healthcare towards hospitality, and create more appealing and less institutional environments. A key driver, not exclusive to the healthcare industry, is that physical surroundings can influence customer judgments of service performance including customer satisfaction, loyalty, favorable word of mouth, recommendations and service quality perceptions. In the context of healthcare although various studies have addressed the importance of the physical environment with respect to favorable health outcomes, few have established a correlation between physical appeal and perception of service quality.
Key Point Summary

Use of sound-absorbing panel to reduce noisy incubator reverberating effects

Author(s): Bellieni, C.V., Buonocore, G., Pinto, I., Stacchini, N., Cordelli, D.M., Bagnoli, F.

Healing arts: Nutrition for the soul

Author(s): Ulrich, R.S., Gilpin, L.