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Knowledge Repository

Why walkers slip: shine is not a reliable cue for slippery ground

Author(s): Joh, A. S., Adolph, K. E., Campbell, M. R., Eppler, M. A.

Caring or uncaring – meanings of being in an oncology environment

Author(s): Edvardsson, D., Sandman, P. O., Rasmussen, B.
The idea that the physical environment impacts health and well-being has been explored throughout history. In modern contexts, studies have been conducted to show how hospital design features such as art and views of natural scenery can positively influence patient experience, and how environmental variables such as sound, architecture, and color can affect different biomedical responses in...
Key Point Summary

Prediction of slips: an evaluation of utilized coefficient of friction and available slip resistance

Author(s): Burnfield, J. M., Powers, C. M.

Perceived hospital environment quality indicators: A study of orthopaedic units

Author(s): Fornara, F., Bonaiuto, M., Bonnes, M.
The field of healthcare design has increasingly recognized the need for building environments that are more ‘‘user-centered,’’ but spatial–physical features have not typically been included in assessment surveys on patient satisfaction.
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Challenges in Design and Transition to a Private Room Model in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Carlson, B., Walsh, S., Wergin, T., Schwarzkopf, K., Ecklund, S.
The need for neonatal intensive care units (NICU) is increasing at a time when research suggests their designs need to change to provide a developmentally appropriate healing environment. One approach is a private room NICU model versus a large multibed ward. However, such a radical design change could be challenging to implement.
Key Point Summary

Health Promotion by Design in Long-Term Care Settings

Author(s): Joseph, A.

Watching paint dry - monitoring emissions of VOC and oVOCs

Author(s): Wyche, K.P., Blake, R.S., Whyte, C., Ellis, A.M., Monks, P.S.

Experimental PVC material challenge in subjects with occupational PVC exposure

Author(s): Tuomainen, A., Stark, H., Seuri, M., Hirvonen, M.-R., Linnainmaa, M., Sieppi, A., Tukiainen, H.

Feels Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Author(s): Malkin, J.

Disinfection of fabrics and carpets artificially contaminated with calicivirus: relevance in institutional and healthcare centres

Author(s): Malik, Y.S., Allwood, P.B., Hedberg, C.W., Goyal, S.M.