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Knowledge Repository

Hospital-Acquired Legionnaires Disease in a University Hospital: Impact of the Copper-Silver Ionization System

Author(s): Mòdol, J., Sabrià, M., Reynaga, E., Pedro-Botet, M. L.
We evaluated the impact of the copper-silver ionization system in a hospital where hyperendemic nosocomial legionellosis and was present and all previous disinfection measures had failed. After implementation of the copper-silver ionization system, environmental colonization with Legionella species decreased significantly, and the incidence of nosocomial legionellosis decreased dramatically, from...
Key Point Summary

The Effects of Signage and the Physical Environment on Stair Usage

Author(s): Bungum, T., Meacham, M., Truax, N.

Flooring as an intervention to reduce injuries from falls in healthcare settings: an overview

Author(s): Drahota, A., Gal, D., Windsor, J.
As the elderly population grows, the risk of falls in healthcare settings and of injuries resulting from falls will increase, as this population exhibits higher risk for falling due to age-related factors. Researchers have long focused on variables that impact fall prevention in healthcare settings; yet, since prevention of all falls is not possible, and about 30% of patient falls result in injury, there is growing interest in understanding strategies for injury prevention, to reduce the more serious cost and health implications of falls. 
Key Point Summary

Human factors criteria for displays: A Human Factors Design Standard update of chapter 5 (DOT/FAA/TC-07/11)

Author(s): Ahlstrom, V., Kudrick, B.

Degradation of additives and water-based adhesives on Vinyl-backed carpets: impact on indoor air quality

Author(s): Van, D.L.

Is Your Hospital Hospitable?: How Physical Environment Influences Patient Safety

Author(s): Stichler, J.F.

An evaluation of different methods for the recovery of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from environmental surfaces

Author(s): Obee, P., Griffith, C.J., Cooper, R.A., Bennion, N.E.

Do indoor chemicals promote development of airway allergy?

Author(s): Nielsen, G.D., Larsen, S.T., Olsen, O., Lovik, M., Poulsen, L.K., Glue, C., Wolkoff, P.

Spatial Measures Associated with Stair Use

Author(s): Nicoll, G.

Falls--where do we stand?

Author(s): Morley, J.E.