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Knowledge Repository

The Role of Flooring as a Design Element Affecting Patient and Healthcare Worker Safety

Author(s): Harris, D. D., Detke, L. A.

Factors influencing evaluation of patient areas, work spaces, and staff areas by healthcare professionals

Author(s): Sadatsafavi, H., Walewski, J., Shepley, M. M.
One important element of high-quality healthcare delivery is a motivated and satisfied staff. Healthcare executives should regularly examine the factors that influence clinicians’ perceptions of satisfaction and quality so that necessary changes can be addressed.
Key Point Summary

Copper Surfaces Reduce the Rate of Healthcare-Acquired Infections in the Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Salgado, C. D., Sepkowitz, K. A., John, J. F., Cantey, J. R., Attaway, H. H., Freeman, K. D., Sharpe, P. A., Michels, H. T., Schmidt, M. G.
Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) have been known to substantially increase patient morbidity and mortality, while also creating considerable financial burdens on patients and healthcare providers. Patients in intensive care units (ICUs) are at higher risk for HAI due to the nature of the ICU environment. Metallic copper surfaces have been known to substantially reduce bacterial concentrations; however, the clinical efficacy of these surfaces in ICUs has not been previously measured.
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Daily Disinfection of High-Touch Surfaces in Isolation Rooms to Reduce Contamination of Healthcare Workers’ Hands

Author(s): Kundrapu, S., Sunkesula, V., Jury, L. A., Sitzlar, B. M., Donskey, C. J.

P025: Norovirus inactivation on antimicrobial touch surfaces

Author(s): Keevil, B., Warnes, S.

Cost–utility analysis of a shock-absorbing floor intervention to prevent injuries from falls in hospital wards for older people

Author(s): Latimer, N., Dixon, S., Drahota, A. K., Severs, M.

Rapid Hospital Room Decontamination Using Ultraviolet (UV) Light with a Nanostructured UV-Reflective Wall Coating

Author(s): Rutala, W. A., Gergen, M. F., Tande, B. M., Weber, D. J.

Disinfectants used for environmental disinfection and new room decontamination technology

Author(s): Rutala, W. A., Weber, D. J.

Contact with Outdoor Greenery Can Support Competence Among People with Dementia

Author(s): Rappe, E., Topo, P.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Transformed Nursing Home: The First Four Green House Settings

Author(s): Cutler, L. J., Kane, R. A.
To study how well the physical environments of four Green Houses® served the residents, staff, and visitors and to develop recommendations for similar small-house nursing home projects. Longitudinal post-occupancy evaluation of four houses using mixed-methods, including behavioral mapping, checklist ratings of individual bedrooms and bathrooms, place-centered time scans, environmental tracers,...
Key Point Summary