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Knowledge Repository

Taking on toxics II: Health care without harm

Author(s): Cray, C..

The Experience of a Community Hospital in Quantifying and Reducing Patient Falls.

Author(s): Alcée, D.
While patient falls always were reported to the Hospital Quality Management Committee and to the Nursing Quality Management Committee at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, most reports were made anecdotally. There was no critical review of the cause and effect of falls nor was there any "trending" on a month-to-month basis. Questions raised about specific falls that resulted in patient injuries led Nursing Administration to conduct a retrospective review of all patient falls.
Key Point Summary

An Investigation To Determine Whether the Built Environment Affects Patient's Medical Outcomes

Author(s): Rubin, H.R.M.D., Ph.D., Owens, A.J., Golden, G., Weber, D.O.

Architectural features and perceptions of community residences for people with mental retardation

Author(s): Thompson, T., Robinson, J., Dietrich, M., Farris, M., Sinclair, V.

Modifying Quiet Room Design Enhances Calming of Children and Adolescents

Author(s): Glod, C.A., Teicher, M.H., Butler, M., Savino, M., Harper, D., Magnus, E., Pahlavan, K.

Long-term institutional residents: does the environment affect outcomes?

Author(s): Harwood, R.H., Ebrahim, S.

Physical Design, Social Climate, and Staff Turnover in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Author(s): Brennan, P. L., Moos, R. H.
High staff turnover in skilled nursing facilities increases workloads, recruitment, hiring, and training as well as negatively impacts morale, social relationships, and quality of care. Examining the overall work context of nursing homes—including their physical design features and social climate—could help to better understand and improve employee retention.
Key Point Summary

Social interaction on a geriatrics ward

Author(s): Sommer, R., Ross, H.

Enhancing the traditional hospital design process: a focus on patient safety

Author(s): Reiling, J.G., Knutzen, B.L., Wallen, T.K., McCullough, S. , Miller, R., Chernos, S.
The current study is an overview of innovative system engineering and patient safety factors, named as the Synergy model that a hospital system utilized to design their new facility.
Key Point Summary

Designing for Patient Safety: Developing Methods to Integrate Patient Safety Concerns in the Design Process

Author(s): Joseph, A., Taylor, E. M. , Quan, X., Jelen, M.