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Knowledge Repository

The Flooring for Injury Prevention (FLIP) Study of compliant flooring for the prevention of fall-related injuries in long-term care: A randomized trial

Author(s): Mackey, D. C., Lachance, C. C., Wang, P. T., Feldman, F., Laing, Andrew C., Leung, P. M., Hu, X. J., Robinovitch, S. N.
Added August 2020

Perceptions about Compliant Flooring from Senior Managers in Long-Term Care

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Zaborska, V. O., Leung, P.-M., Feldman, F., Robinovitch, S., Mackey, D. C.
Added August 2020

A quasi-experimental evaluation of compliant flooring in a residential care setting

Author(s): Gustavsson, J., Bonander, C., Nilson, F.
Added December 2018

The Architecture Of Safety: An Emerging Priority For Improving Patient Safety

Author(s): Joseph, A., Henriksen, K., Malone, E.
Added December 2018

Compliant flooring to prevent fall-related injuries in older adults: A scoping review of biomechanical efficacy, clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and workplace safety

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Jurkowski, M. P., Dymarz, A. C., Robinovitch, S. N., Feldman, F., Laing, A. C., Mackey, D. C., Tranah, G.
Compliant flooring may be broadly defined as any floor covering or flooring system with some degree of shock absorbency. Numerous previous studies have shown that different forms of compliant flooring can reduce the severity and incidence of fall-related injuries in older adult patients.
Key Point Summary
Added October 2017

Effects of Impact-Absorbing Flooring in Residential Care from the Perspectives of Enrolled Nurses

Author(s): Gustavsson, J., Rahm, G., Jernbro, C., Nilson, F.
Despite the fact that patient falls happen on a daily basis, there are few effective solutions for reducing fall-related injuries.
Key Point Summary
Added August 2020

Low-impact flooring: Does it reduce fall-related injuries?

Author(s): Hanger, H. C.
Added August 2020

The design and initial evaluation of visual cues in carpets to assist walking

Author(s): McNeil, S. J., Tapp, L. S.
One way to reduce the occurrence of indoor falls for both elderly people and other individuals is to improve the design of floor coverings so that they can help create a safer walking environment. A growing number of studies are showing that the design of products such as carpets can specifically help older people lead more productive and independent lives by empowering them through safer opportunities for mobility.
Key Point Summary
Added September 2017

Investigating the fall-injury reducing effect of impact absorbing flooring among female nursing home residents: initial results

Author(s): Gustavsson, J., Bonander, C., Andersson, R., Nilson, F.
Added August 2020

Impact of the Physical Environment of Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities (RHCSF) on Staff and Residents A Systematic Review of the Literature

Author(s): Joseph, A., Choi, Y.-S., Quan, X.
Strategies related to the design of the built environment should be considered within the context of the culture of the organization and the resident population. This study of the physical environment of residential health, care, and support facilities addresses the range of settings and population, where other studies have been lacking. The literature review strongly suggests that the built environment is an important component of care provided in residential care settings.
Key Point Summary
Added December 2018