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Knowledge Repository

Sustainable healthcare architecture

Author(s): Guenther, R., Vittori, G.

Watching paint dry - monitoring emissions of VOC and oVOCs

Author(s): Wyche, K.P., Blake, R.S., Whyte, C., Ellis, A.M., Monks, P.S.

The healing environment in our communities and healthcare settings: research excellence into practice

Author(s): Craft, N.

Preventing Harm from Phthalates, Avoiding PVC in Hospitals

Author(s): Ruzickova, K., Cobbing, M.,, Rossi, M. , Belazzi, T.

Top 10 Green Building Myths

Author(s): Roberts, G.

Organic compounds in indoor air- their relevance for perceived indoor air quality?

Author(s): Wolkoff, P., Nielsen, G.D.

Practical issues for using solar-reflective materials to mitigate urban heat islands

Author(s): Bretz, S., Akbari, H., Rosenfeld, A.

Mitigation of urban heat islands: materials, utility programs, updates

Author(s): Rosenfeld, A.H., Akbari, H., Bretz, S., Fishman, B.L., Kurn, D.M., Sailor, D., Taha, H.

Psychiatric Ward Renovation: Staff Perception and Patient Behavior

Author(s): Devlin, A. S.
Key Point Summary

Vinyl in medicine- a special case

Author(s): Blais, P.