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Knowledge Repository

Lighting control in patient rooms: Understanding nurses’ perceptions of hospital lighting using qualitative methods

Author(s): McCunn, L. J., Safranek, S., Wilkerson, A., Davis, R. G.
Added August 2021

The perceptions of nurses about the behavioral needs for daylighting and view to the outside in inpatient facilities

Author(s): Gharaveis, A., Yekita, H., Shamloo, G.
Added August 2020

Nurses’ satisfaction with patient room lighting conditions: A study of nurses in four hospitals with differences in the environment of care

Author(s): Davis, R. G., McCunn, L. J., Wilkerson, A., Safranek, S.
Added August 2020

An assessment of a hybrid lighting system that employs ultraviolet-A for mitigating healthcare-associated infections in a newborn intensive care unit

Author(s): Brons, J. A., Bierman, A., White, R., Benner, K., Deng, L., Rea, M. S.
Added December 2020

Application of different circadian lighting metrics in a health residence

Author(s): Busatto, N., Mora, T. D., Peron, F., Romagnoni, P.
Added August 2020

The intensive care unit environment: Impact and prevention

Author(s): Dawson, D., Johansson, L., Boulanger, C., McWilliams, D.
Added August 2020

Impact of surgical lamp design on the risk of surgical site infections in operating rooms with mixing and unidirectional airflow ventilation: A numerical study

Author(s): Sadeghian, P., Wang, C., Duwig, C., Sadrizadeh, S.
Added August 2020

The Effect of Light on Sleep and Sleep-Related Physiological Factors Among Patients in Healthcare Facilities: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Hadi, K., Du Bose, J. R., Choi, Y. S.
Added August 2020

Light for patient safety: Impact of light on reading errors of medication labels

Author(s): Aarts, M. P. J., Craenmehr, G., Rosemann, A. L. P., van Loenen, E. J., Kort, H. S. M.
Added August 2020

Window design strategies for environmentally friendly and energy efficient patient rooms: A case study in the Belgian context

Author(s): Eisazadeh, N., Allacker, K., De Troyer, F.
Added August 2020