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Knowledge Repository

Particle control reduces fine and ultrafine particles greater than HEPA filtration in live operating rooms and kills biologic warfare surrogate

Author(s): Ereth, M. H., Hess, D. H., Driscoll, A., Hernandez, M., Stamatatos, F.

Transmission Potential of SARS-CoV-2 in Viral Shedding Observed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center

Author(s): Santarpia, J. L., Rivera, D. N., Herrera, V., Morwitzer, M. J., Creager, H., Santarpia, G. W., Crown, Kevin K., Brett-Major, D., Schnaubelt, E., Broadhurst, M. J., Lawler, J. V., Reid, S. P., Lowe, J. J.

COVID-19 may transmit through aerosol

Author(s): Wang, J., Du, G.

Air Care: an ‘aerography’ of breath, buildings and bugs in the cystic fibrosis clinic

Author(s): Brown, N., Buse, C., Lewis, A., Martin, D., Nettleton, S.

Risk of nosocomial transmission of coronavirus disease 2019: An experience in a general ward setting in Hong Kong

Author(s): Wong, S.C.-Y., Kwong, R.T.-S., Wu, T.C., Chan, J.W.M., Chu, M.Y., Lee, S.Y., Wong, H.Y., Lung, D.C.

Improving Natural Ventilation in Hospital Waiting and Consulting Rooms to Reduce Nosocomial Tuberculosis Transmission Risk in a Low Resource Setting

Author(s): Escombe, A. R., Ticona, E., Chávez-Pérez, V., Espinoza, M., Moore, D. A. J.

Effects of Indoor Environmental Parameters related to Building HVAC Systems on Patients’ Medical Outcomes: A Review of Scientific Research on Hospital Buildings

Author(s): Shajahan, A., Culp, C. H., Williamson, Brandon

Comprehensive and live air purification as a key environmental, clinical, and patient safety factor: A prospective evaluation

Author(s): Stawicki, S. P., Brisendine, C., Levicoff, L., Ford, F., Snyder, B., Eid, S., Worrilow, K. C.

Influence of air velocity on indoor environment quality in unidirectional flow operating theatres: A study based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Author(s): Moreno, G. S.-B., Sanz-Calcedo, J. G., Romero, A. C. M., Balan, M. C., Bode, F., Croitoru, C., Dogeanu, A., Georgescu, A., Georgescu, C., Nastase, I., Sandu, M.

Design and Simulation of Isolation Room for a Hospital

Author(s): Jacob, Simeon, Yadav, Siddharth Singh, Sikarwar, Basant Singh, Saha, Pankaj, Subbarao, P.M.V., Sikarwar, Basant Singh