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The Knowledge Repository is a complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references that continues to grow with the latest peer-reviewed publications. Start with our Knowledge Repository for all of your searches for articles and research citations on healthcare design topics. Access full texts through the source link, read key point summaries, or watch slidecasts. Expand your search and find project briefs, interviews, and other relevant resources by visiting our Insights & Solutions page.


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HVAC Control Systems for a Negative Air Pressure Isolation Room and Its Performance

Author(s): Hamdani, H., Sabri, F. S., Harapan, H., Syukri, M., Razali, R., Kurniawan, R., Irwansyah, I., Sofyan, S. E., Mahlia, T. M. I., Rizal, S.
Added August 2023

A CFD Study on the Design Optimization of Airborne Infection Isolation Room

Author(s): Le, T.-L., Nguyen, T. T., Kieu, T. T.
Added August 2023

Optimized Mechanism for Fast Removal of Infectious Pathogen-Laden Aerosols in the Negative-Pressure Unit

Author(s): Park, J., Lee, K. S., Park, H.
Added August 2023

Experimental Study on the Exposure Level of Surgical Staff to SARS-CoV-2 in Operating Rooms with Mixing Ventilation Under Negative Pressure

Author(s): Bi, Y., Aganovic, A., Mathisen, H. M., Cao, G.
Added August 2023

Designing a New Fast Solution to Control Isolation Rooms in Hospitals Depending on Artificial Intelligence Decision

Author(s): Khaled Ahmed, S., Mohammed Ali, R., Maha Lashin, M., Fayroz Sherif, F.
Added August 2023

Design Characteristics on the Indoor and Outdoor Air Environments of the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital

Author(s): Chen, Y., Lei, J., Li, J., Zhang, Z., Yu, Z., Du, C.
Added August 2023

Post-COVID Ventilation Design: Infection Risk-Based Target Ventilation Rates and Point Source Ventilation Effectiveness

Author(s): Kurnitski, J., Kiil, M., Mikola, A., Võsa, K.-V., Aganovic, A., Schild, P., Seppänen, O.
Added August 2023

Ventilation Strategies for Mitigating Airborne Infection in Healthcare Facilities: A Review and Bibliometric Analysis (1993–2022)

Author(s): Kek, H. Y., Mohd Saupi, S. B., Tan, H., Dzarfan Othman, M. H., Nyakuma, B. B., Goh, P. S., Hamood Altowayti, W. A., Qaid, A., Abdul Wahab, N. H., Lee, C. H., Lubis, A., Wong, S. L., Wong, K. Y.
Added July 2023

The influence of physical environment on healthcare-associated infections: A literature review

Author(s): Nadi, Z. B., Raisali, F. N., Jafari, N., Bayramzadeh, S.
Added July 2023

Refined Design of Ventilation Systems to Mitigate Infection Risk in Hospital Wards: Perspective from Ventilation Openings Setting

Author(s): Ren, C., Wang, J., Feng, Z., Kim, M. K., Haghighat, F., Cao, S.-J.
Added July 2023

Healthcare personnel hand hygiene compliance: Are we there yet?

Author(s): Armstrong-Novak, J., Juan, H. Y., Cooper, K., Bailey, P.
Added June 2023

Airflow distribution in hospital isolation rooms with different ventilation and exhaust vent configurations

Author(s): Almhafdy, A., Korany, H. Z., AlSaleem, S. S., Cao, S.-J.
Added June 2023

Improving infection prevention briefing through predictive predesign: A computational approach to architectural programming by evaluating socioecological risk factors

Author(s): Platt, L. S., Chen, X., Sabo-Attwood, T., Iovine, N., Brown, S., Pollitt, B.
Added May 2023

Greater attention to flexible hospital designs and ventilated clinical facilities are a pre-requisite for coping with the next airborne pandemic

Author(s): Humphreys, H., Vos, M., Presterl, E., Hell, M.
Added May 2023

Patient and ward related risk factors in a multi-ward nosocomial outbreak of COVID-19: Outbreak investigation and matched case–control study

Author(s): Leal, J., O’Grady, H. M., Armstrong, L., Dixit, D., Khawaja, Z., Snedeker, K., Ellison, J., Erebor, J., Jamieson, P., Weiss, A., Salcedo, D., Roberts, K., Wiens, K., Croxen, M. A., Berenger, B. M., Pabbaraju, K., Lin, Y.-C., Evans, D., Conly, J.-M.
Added April 2023

Lessons from the first wave of COVID-19 in Italy: A collection of design strategies to face pandemic situations in healthcare facilities

Author(s): Brambilla, A., Brusamolin, E., Johnson, A. A., Scullica, F., Capolongo, S.
Added April 2023

A systematic review of operating room ventilation

Author(s): Sadrizadeh, S., Aganovic, A., Bogdan, A., Wang, C., Afshari, A., Hartmann, A., Croitoru, C., Khan, A., Kriegel, M., Lind, M., Liu, Z., Melikov, A., Mo, J., Rotheudt, H., Yao, R., Zhang, Y., Abouali, O., Langvatn, H., Sköldenberg, O., Cao, G.
Added April 2023

Biorisk management features of a temporary COVID-19 hospital

Author(s): Fontes, B., Scavone, D., Bridges, W., Landgraf, T., Fortgang, N.
Added April 2023

Designing high-performance emergency care facilities against COVID-19

Author(s): Alansari, A., Quan, X.
Added April 2023

Numerical investigation of indoor air quality in health care facilities: A case study of an intensive care unit

Author(s): Ismail, Y. A., Eldosoky, M. A. A., Rashed, M. R., Soliman, A. M.
Added April 2023