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Knowledge Repository

Anticipated Advantages and Disadvantages of a move to 100% Single Room Hospital in Australia: A Case Study

Author(s): Cusack, L., Wiechula, R., Schultz, T., Dollard, J., Maben, J.

Attractions to Fuel the Imagination: Reframing Understandings of the Role of Distraction Relative to Well-Being in the Pediatric Hospital

Author(s): McLaughlan, R., Sadek, A., Willis, J.

Evaluating the Psychosocial Impact of Indoor Public Spaces in Complex Healthcare Settings

Author(s): Lacanna, G., Wagenaar, C., Avermaete, T., Swami, V.

A regional survey on residents’ preferences on patient-centered medical home design in rural areas

Author(s): Cai, H., Spreckelmeyer, K., Mendenhall, A., Li, D., Holmes, C., Levy, M.

The experience of person-centred practice in a 100% single-room environment in acute care settings – a narrative literature review

Author(s): Kelly, R., Brown, D., McCance, T., Boomer, C.
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Using Systems Theory to Examine Patient and Nurse Structures, Processes, and Outcomes in Centralized and Decentralized Units

Author(s): Real, K., Fay, L., Isaacs, K., Carll-White, A., Schadler, A.

Bringing the single versus multi-patient room debate to vulnerable patient populations: A systematic review of the impact of room types on hospitalized older people and people with neurological disorders

Author(s): Shannon, M. M., Lipson-Smith, R., Elf, M., Olver, J., Kramer, S., Bernhardt, J.

Sensory strategies in adult mental health: A qualitative exploration of staff perspectives following the introduction of a sensory room on a male adult acute ward

Author(s): Forsyth, A. S., Trevarrow, R.

Does a new spatial design in psychiatric inpatient care influence patients’ and staff’s perception of their care/working environment? A study protocol of a pilot study using a single-system experimental design

Author(s): Lindgren, B.-M., Molin, J., Lundström, M., Strömbäck, M., Renberg, E. S., Ringnér, A,.

Participatory art based research with children’s to gain their perspectives on designing health care environments

Author(s): Water, T., Wrapson, J., Reay, S., Tokolahi, E., Payam, S.