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Knowledge Repository

Are LEED-certified healthcare buildings in the USA truly impacting sustainability?

Author(s): Ullah, Z., Thaheem, M. J., Waheed, A., Maqsoom, A.
Added August 2020

Green healthcare system: Main features in supporting sustainability of healthcare system — A review

Author(s): Fadda, J., Sayigh, A.
Added August 2020

The green print: Advancement of environmental sustainability in healthcare

Author(s): Sherman, J. D., Thiel, C., MacNeill, A., Eckelman, M. J., Dubrow, R., Hopf, H., Bialowitz, J., Costello, A., Forbes, M., Stancliffe, R., Anastas, P., Anderko, L., Baratz, M., Barna, S., Bhatnagar, U., Burnham, J., Cai, Y., Cassels-Brown, A., Cimprich, A. F. P., Cole, H., Coronado-Garcia, L., Duane, B., Grisotti, G., Hartwell, A., Kumar, V., Kurth, A., Leapman, M., Morris, D. S., Overcash, M., Parvatker, A. G., Pencheon, D., Pollard, A., Robaire, B., Rockne, K., Sadler, B. L., Schenk, B., Sethi, T., Sussman, L. S., Thompson, J., Twomey, J. M., Vermund, S. H., Vukelich, D., Wasim, N., Wilson, D., Young, S. B., Zimmerman, J., Bilec, M. M.
Added August 2020

Economic and Environmental Impact of Energy Saving in Healthcare Buildings

Author(s): García-Sanz-Calcedo, J., Al-Kassir, A., Yusaf, T.
Added August 2020

A Simulation of Rainwater Harvesting Design and Demand-Side Controls for Large Hospitals

Author(s): Fulton, L. V.
Added August 2020

Environmental audits and process flow mapping to assess management of solid waste and wastewater from a healthcare facility: an Italian case study

Author(s): Vaccari, M., Montasser, W., Tudor, T., Leone, L.
Despite the growing number of policies and legislative drivers aiming for more sustainable resource management approaches and general environmental improvements, there is still a need for more research focusing on the improvement of waste and wastewater management.
Key Point Summary
Added September 2017

Development of a healthcare building sustainability assessment method – Proposed structure and system of weights for the Portuguese context

Author(s): Castro, M. de F., Mateus, R., Bragança, L.
Added September 2017

Sustainable healthcare design: Existing challenges and future directions for an environmental, economic, and social approach to sustainability

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Xuan, X., Shepley, M. M.
Added December 2017

Performance Evaluation of 32 LEED Hospitals on Operation Costs

Author(s): Sadatsafavi, H., Shepley, M. M.
As healthcare needs increase, providers strive to reduce operational costs while simultaneously increasing healthcare facility construction and renovation efforts. At the same time, certification programs such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) are examples of the emerging concerns regarding the environmental impact of healthcare facilities. The authors note that the number of studies documenting the benefits of more “green” facilities is limited; however, they hypothesize that upon comparing LEED-certified hospitals with uncertified ones, the LEED facilities will prove to have lower-than-average maintenance costs.
Key Point Summary
Added February 2018

Analysis of Credits Earned by LEED Healthcare Certified Facilities

Author(s): Golbazi, M., Aktas, C. B.
Green buildings have garnered widespread public support due to the positive impacts they are perceived to have on the environment, the economy, and society as a whole. The concept of green building design appeals to institutions because of its potential benefit for the indoor and outdoor environment as well as its potential for improving public image. As a result, there may be hospitals that become certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system but aren’t actually providing a green healthcare environment that positively influences patients and their periods of recovery. This is an important distinction since the core purpose of healthcare facilities is to improve the conditions of the sick and vulnerable, as well as society overall.
Key Point Summary
Added August 2020