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Knowledge Repository

Using the importance for survival scale to identify preferred nature scenes with restorative potential: A qualitative study

Author(s): Thake, C. L., Bambling, M., Edirippulige, S., Marx, E.

Therapeutic landscape: Its virtue and suggestion for its application

Author(s): Iswoyo, H., Brahmi Yanti, C. W., Jackson, S.

Respect for autonomy: Seeking the roles of healthcare design from the principle of biomedical ethics

Author(s): Zhu, L., Zhang, S., Lu, Z.

Examining the utility of perceptual noise categorization in pediatric and neonatal hospital units

Author(s): Hasegawa, Y., Ryherd, E., Ryan, C. S., Darcy-Mahoney, A.

Characterizing the acoustic environment in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Hernández-Molina, R., Beira Jiménez, J. L., Rodriguez-Montaño, V., Zacarías, F. F., Bienvenido-Huertas, D., Lubián López, S., Cueto-Ancela, J. L.

Implementation and evaluation of generative layout options using the graph theoretical approach for a hospital layout problem

Author(s): Lather, J. I., Logan, T., Renner, K., Messner, J. I.

Egress from a hospital ward during fire emergency

Author(s): D’Orazio, A., Grossi, L., Ursetta, D., Carbotti, G., Poggi, L.

The role of everyday sounds in advanced dementia care

Author(s): Houben, M., Brankaert, R., Bakker, S., Kenning, G., Bongers, I., Eggen, B.

Workplace indoor environmental quality and asthma-related outcomes in healthcare workers

Author(s): Rollins, S. M., Su, F.-C., Liang, X., Humann, M. J., Stefaniak, A. B., LeBouf, R. F., Stanton, M. L., Virji, M. A., Henneberger, P. K.

Healing spaces: Exploring therapeutic concept for breast cancer clinic

Author(s): Sarjani, M., Saragih, J. F. B., Soebiyan, V.