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A complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references MoreLess about the Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge Repository is a complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references that continues to grow with the latest peer-reviewed publications. Start with our Knowledge Repository for all of your searches for articles and research citations on healthcare design topics. Access full texts through the source link, read key point summaries, or watch slidecasts. Expand your search and find project briefs, interviews, and other relevant resources by visiting our Insights & Solutions page.


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An exploration of the potential risks associated with using pet therapy in healthcare settings

Author(s): Brodie, S., Biley, F., Shewring, M.
Added October 2012

Practical issues for using solar-reflective materials to mitigate urban heat islands

Author(s): Bretz, S., Akbari, H., Rosenfeld, A.
Added October 2012

Operational and design strategies for a reduced workforce

Author(s): Breslin, P.T., Gale, S.O., Weitzner, W.M.
Added October 2012

Noise and the Premature Infant: Physiological Effects and Practice Implications

Author(s): Bremmer, P., Byers, J., Kiehl, E.
Added October 2012

Biocorrosion of copper in potable water

Author(s): Bremer, P.J., Webster, B.J., Wells, D.B.
Added October 2012

Role of air sampling in investigation of an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease associated with exposure to aerosols from an evaporative condenser

Author(s): Breiman, R., Cozen, W., Fields, B.
Added October 2012

An outbreak of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in a London teaching hospital

Author(s): Breathnach, A.S., de Ruiter, A., Holdsworth, G.M.C., Bateman, N.T., O'Sullivan, D.G.M., Rees, P.J., Snashall, D., Milburn, H.J., Peters, B.S., Watson, J., Drobniewski, F.A., French, G.L.
Added October 2012

Experiences of young people admitted for planned surgery

Author(s): Bray, L.
Added October 2012

Preterm infants born at less than 31 weeks' gestation have improved growth in cycled light compared with continuous near darkness

Author(s): Brandon, D.H., Holditch-Davis, D., Belyea, M.
Added October 2012

Thermal adaptation in the built environment: a literature review

Author(s): Brager, G., de Dear, R.
Added October 2012

Is your phone bugged? The incidence of bacteria known to cause nosocomial infection on healthcare workers' mobile phones

Author(s): Brady, R.R.W., Wasson, A., Stirling, I., McAllister, C., Damani, N.N.
Added October 2012

Colonization of personal digital assistants used in a health care setting

Author(s): Braddy, C.M., Blair, J.E.
Added October 2012

Chronically ill children coping with repeated hospitalizations: their perceptions and suggested interventions

Author(s): Boyd, J., Hunsberger, M.
Added October 2012

Environmental contamination due to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Possible infection control implications

Author(s): Boyce, J.M., Potter-Bynoe, G., Chenevert, C., King, T.
Added October 2012

Antiseptic Technology: Access, Affordability, and Acceptance

Author(s): Boyce, J.M.
Added October 2012

Family presence during resuscitation - a Canadian project in progress

Author(s): Bowles, S.
Added October 2012

Single-Room Infant Care: Future Trends in Special Care Nursery Planning and Design

Author(s): Bowie, B.H., Hall, R.B., Faulkner, J., Anderson, B.
Added October 2012

Noise levels in a hospital

Author(s): Bovenzi, M., Collareta, A.
Added October 2012

A magical dream: A pilot project in animal-assisted therapy in pediatric oncology

Author(s): Bouchard, F., Landry, M., Belles-Isles, M., Gagnon, J.
Added October 2012

Impact of Window Size and Sunlight Penetration on Office Workers' Mood and Satisfaction A Novel Way of Assessing Sunlight

Author(s): Boubekri, M., Hull, R.B., Boyer, L.L.
Added October 2012