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Knowledge Repository

A case control study of falls in the hospital setting

Author(s): Ash, K.L., MacLeod, P., Clark, L.

Interventions to reduce decibel levels on patient care units

Author(s): Moore, M.M., Nguyen, D, Nolan, S.P., Robinson, S.P., Ryals,B., Imbrie, J.Z., Sotnitz, W.

Environmental interventions and functional ability of AD patients.

Author(s): Koss, E., Gilmore, G.C.

The Relationship Between Physical Restraint Removal and Falls and Injuries Among Nursing Home Residents

Author(s): Capezuti, E., Strumpf, N. E., Evans, L. K., Grisso, J. A., Maislin, G.
Patient falls refer to patients’ unplanned descent to the floor, either with or without injuries to the patients. Patient falls and related injuries are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality and contribute to high healthcare cost. Healthcare organizations have experimented with many fall-prevention programs including restraint reduction and other modifications of the physical environment.
Key Point Summary

Impacts of a therapeutic environment for dementia care

Author(s): Kovach, C., Weisman, G., Chaudhury, H., Calkins, M. P.

Music increases satisfaction in elderly outpatients undergoing cataract surgery

Author(s): Cruise, C. J., Chung, F., Yogendran, S., Little, D.
Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed on elderly patients in North America. Sedative medications are often used to reduce patient anxiety throughout the surgical procedure, but elderly patients are more likely to experience adverse health effects from these medications. The anxiety-reducing effects of music have been widely studied previously, but never in the context of elderly patients undergoing cataract surgery.
Key Point Summary

Ergonomics review: armrest design and use. An ergonomics review of the literature for Steelcase Furniture.

Author(s): Lueder, R., Allie, P.

Occupancy sensors

Author(s): GreenSeal

The effect of natural environments upon agitation and aggression in late stage dementia patients

Author(s): Whall, A.L., Black, M.E., Groh, C.J., Yankou, D.J., Kupferschmid, B.J., Foster, N.L.

Survival of Acinetobacter baumannii on dry surfaces

Author(s): Wendt, C., Dietze, B., Dietz, E., Ruden, H.