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Knowledge Repository

The Noise Hazard in a Large Health Care Facility

Author(s): Yassi, A., Gaborieau, D., Gillespie, I., Elias, J.

Play and the young hospitalized patient

Author(s): Wishon, P., Brown, M.

Prohibited visiting in the maternity hospital and its epidemiological consequences

Author(s): Vasilev, D., Dzhermanova, L.

Effects of interior design on wellness: theory and recent scientific research

Author(s): Ulrich, R.S.

Documentation of cost savings from decentralized clinical pharmacy services at a community-hospital

Author(s): Taylor, J.T., Kathman, M.S.

A comparison of hypertensive and nonhypertensive coronary care patients' cardiovascular responses to visitors

Author(s): Simpson, T., Shaver, J.

Solid Waste Management Practices in Selected Hotel Chains and Individual Properties

Author(s): Shanklin, C.W., Petrillose, M.J., Pettay, A.

Signs, symbols, and the psychiatric environment

Author(s): Remen, S.

Risk characterization framework for noncancer end points

Author(s): Pierson, T.K., Hetes, R.G., Naugle, D.F.

Epidemiology of Isolation Precautions

Author(s): Pettinger, A., Nettleman, M.D.