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Knowledge Repository

Elevator talk: Observational study of inappropriate comments in a public space

Author(s): Ubel, P.A., Zell, M.M., Miller, D.J., Fischer, G.S.,, Peters-Stefanid, D., Arnold, R.M.

Chidlren's hospital... dancing light makes healing magic in a child-friendly hospital tower

Author(s): Tetlow, K.

Music Therapy Research and Applications in Pediatric Oncology Treatment

Author(s): Standley, J.M., Hanser, S.B.

Sleep in hospitals at night: are patients' needs being met?

Author(s): Southwell, M.T., Wistow, G.

Manual handling activities and risk of low back pain in nurses

Author(s): Smedley, J., Egger, P., Cooper, C., Coggon, D.

Validating a building prototype: A post-occupancy evaluation of a women's medical center

Author(s): Shepley, M.M., Bryant, C., Frohman, B.

The Location of Behavioral Incidents in a Children's Psychiatric Facility

Author(s): Shepley, M.

Beeper technology: improving staff efficiency and decreasing noise levels on medical-surgical units

Author(s): Scott, R.A.

Incubator noise: a method to decrease decibels

Author(s): Saunders, A.N.

Sleep and Psychological Characteristics of Children on a Psychiatric Inpatient Unit

Author(s): Sadeh, A., McGuire, J.P., Sachs, H., Seifer, R., Tremblay, A., Civita, R., Hayden, R.M.