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Knowledge Repository

How noisy is intensive care?

Author(s): Redding, J.S., Hargest, T.S., Minsky, S.H.

The effects of furniture arrangement on the behavior of geriatric patients.

Author(s): Peterson, R., Knapp, T., Rosen, J., al., e.

Environmental characteristics of a neonatal intensive-care unit

Author(s): Lawson, K., Daum, C., Turkewitz, G.

Stimulus deprivation in windowless rooms

Author(s): Keep, P.J.

The Contribution of a Bacterially Isolated Environment to the Prevention of Infection in Seriously Burned Patients

Author(s): Burke, J.F., Quinby, W.C., Bondoc, C.C., Sheehy, E.M., Moreno, H.C.

Perceived noise in surgical wards and an intensive care area: an objective analysis

Author(s): Bentley, S., Murphy, F., Dudley, H.

Letter to the editor: Noise levels in the neonatal intensive care unit

Author(s): Vidyasagar, D., Joseph, M.E., Hamilton, L.R.

Investigation of cross-infection in isolation wards of different design

Author(s): McKendrick, G.D., Emond, R.T.

Clean air, less infection

Author(s): Lidwell, O.M.

Immunologic monitoring and aspergillosis in renal transplant patients

Author(s): Kyriakides, G.K., Zinneman, H.H.A., Hall, W.H.