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Knowledge Repository

Frequent patient-to-patient transmission of hepatitis C virus in a haematology ward

Author(s): Allander, T., Gruber, A., Naghavi, M., Beyene, A., Soderstrom, T., Bjorkholm, M., Grillner, L., Persson, M.A.

Does physical activity improve sleep in impaired nursing home residents?

Author(s): Alessi, C.A., Schnelle, J.F., MacRae, P.G., Ouslander, J.G., al-Samarrai, N., Simmons, S.F., Traub, S.

Viral contamination of environmental surfaces on a general paediatric ward and playroom in a major referral centre in Riyadh

Author(s): Akhter, J., Al-Hajjar, S., Myint, S., Hussain Qadri, S.

Influence of a changed care environment on bacterial colonization of burn wounds.

Author(s): Adeniran, A., Shakespeare, P., Patrick, S., Fletcher, A.J., Rossi, L.A.

Staff, patient, and visitors: Responses to hospital unit enhancements

Author(s): Devlin, A.

The vertical horopter and the angle of view.

Author(s): Ankrum, D.R., Hansen, E.E., Nemeth, K.J.

A seasonal pattern of hospital medication errors in Alaska

Author(s): Booker, J. M., Roseman, C.
Specific behavioral consequences of seasonal affective disorder have not been closely examined. Length of daylight is evaluated in relation to medication errors in a medical center located in the far north. Factors such as numbers of patient admissions, discharges, and deaths were controlled with data collected in Anchorage, Alaska, over 5 consecutive years, 1985-89. These data revealed that 58%...
Key Point Summary

Environmental Characteristics Related to Patient Assault

Author(s): Lanza, M. L., Kayne, H. L., Hicks, C., Milner, J.

Does flooring type affect risk of injury in older in-patients?

Author(s): Healey, F.
Falls and injury are of great concern in healthcare institutions, even more so in wards which are likely to have older patients who are at higher fall risk. While falls can be prevented by careful treatment of intrinsic factors (to do with the patients' own health), extrinsic factors in the environment, that could increase the likelihood of falls such as poor lighting, clutter etc. must also be concerned. Of particular relevance is the issue of flooring which is a large investment for the hospital and sets the stage for patients and staff to move upon.
Key Point Summary

A Guide To Conducting Healthcare Facility Visits

Author(s): Zimring, C.P.