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Knowledge Repository

Handwashing practices and resistance and density of bacterial hand flora on two pediatric units in Lima, Peru

Author(s): Larson, E.L., McGinley, K.J., Foglia, A., Leyden, J.J., Boland, N., Larson, J., Altobelli, L.C., Salazar-Lindo, E.

The effects of ultraviolet-A wavelengths in light therapy for seasonal depression

Author(s): Lam, R.W., Buchanan, A., Mador, J.A., Corral, M.R., Remick, R.A.

Long-term institutional residents: does the environment affect outcomes?

Author(s): Harwood, R.H., Ebrahim, S.

A comparison of infection rates in a newborn intensive care unit before and after adoption of open visitation

Author(s): Hamrick, W.B., Reilly, L.

Reducing back stress to nursing personnel: an ergonomic intervention in a nursing home

Author(s): Garg, A., Owen, B.

Hospital design and the temporal and spatial organization of nursing activity

Author(s): Gadbois, C., Bourgeois, P., Goeh-Akue-Gad, M.M., Guillaume, J., Urbain, M.A.

Comparative efficacy of alternative hand-washing agents in reducing nosocomial infections in intensive care units

Author(s): Doebbeling, B.N., Stanley, G.L., Sheetz, C.T., Pfaller, M.A., Houston, A.K., Annis, L., Li, N., Wenzel, R.P.

Control of Airborne Particle Concentration and Draught Risk in an Operating Room

Author(s): Chen, Q., Jiang, Z., Moser, A.

Discomfort to environmental noise: Heart rate responses of SICU patients

Author(s): Baker, C.F.

Heliport-associated Nosocomial Mucormycoses

Author(s): Abzug, M.J., Gardner, S., Glode, M.P., Cymanski, M., Roe, M.H., Odom, L.F.