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Knowledge Repository

Navigating in a hospital outpatients' department: the merits of maps and wallsigns

Author(s): Wright, P., Hull, A.J., Lickorish, A.

A review of literature relating to sleep in hospital with emphasis on the sleep of the ICU patient

Author(s): Wood, A.M.

A managed care system. Financial and clinical evaluation

Author(s): Weilitz, P.B., Potter, P.A.

Occupational Chemical Exposures in an Academic Medical Center.

Author(s): Weaver, V.M., McDiarmid, M.A., Guidera, J.A., Humphrey, F.E., Schaefer, J.A.

Perceived needs of the family members in the critical care waiting room

Author(s): Warren, N.A.

Critical care unit noise and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep

Author(s): Topf, M., Davis, J.E.

Obligation and Option in the Premature Nursery

Author(s): Thoman, E.B.

An evaluation of the effects of commingling cognitively and noncognitively impaired individuals in long-term care facilities

Author(s): Teresi, J.A., Holmes, D., Monaco, C.

Implementation of a quiet hour: Effect on noise levels and infant sleep states

Author(s): Strauch, C., Brandt, S., Edwards-Beckett, J.

Visit preferences of middle-aged vs older critically ill patients

Author(s): Simpson, T.