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Knowledge Repository

Noise-Induced Occupational Stress and Health in Critical Care Nurses

Author(s): Topf, M.

Will nurses and patients benefit from bedside computers?

Author(s): Schultz, K.

Brief Review of the Literature on Decentralized Drug Distribution in Hospitals

Author(s): Rascati, K.L.

Single room maternity care for maximum cost-efficiency

Author(s): Philips, C.

Designing for play: beautiful spaces are playful places

Author(s): Olds, A.

Cognitive mapping in a complex building

Author(s): Moeser, S.D.

A causal link between handwashing and risk of infection? Examination of the evidence

Author(s): Larson, E.

Experimental study to evaluate nursing staff morale in a high stimulation geriatric psychiatry setting

Author(s): Jones, R.G.

Effects of Supervised Play in Hospital Waiting Room

Author(s): Ispa, J., Barrett, B., Yanghee, K.

The effects of progressive muscular relaxation on subjectively reported disturbance due to hospital noise

Author(s): Griffin, J.P., Myers, S., Kopelke, C., Walker, D.