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Knowledge Repository

An evaluation of the effects of commingling cognitively and noncognitively impaired individuals in long-term care facilities

Author(s): Teresi, J.A., Holmes, D., Monaco, C.

Implementation of a quiet hour: Effect on noise levels and infant sleep states

Author(s): Strauch, C., Brandt, S., Edwards-Beckett, J.

Visit preferences of middle-aged vs older critically ill patients

Author(s): Simpson, T.

The effect of environmental lighting on the oxygen saturation of preterm infants in the NICU

Author(s): Shogan, M.G., Schumann, L.L.

Patient attitudes toward rooming with persons with HIV infection

Author(s): Seltzer, E., Schulman, K.A., Brennan, P.J., Lynn, L.A.

Pilot study of the relationship between heart rate and ectopy and unrestricted vs restricted visiting hours in the coronary care unit

Author(s): Schulte, D.A., Burrell, L.O., Gueldner, S.H., Bramlett, M.H., Fuszard, B., Stone, S.K., Dudley, W.N.

Planning and design of children's health care facilities

Author(s): Schubert, W., Tyne, M., Plappert, J.

The nighttime environment, incontinence care, and sleep disruption in nursing homes

Author(s): Schnelle, J.F., Ouslander, J.G., Simmons, S.F., Alessi, C.A., Gravel, M.D.

An outbreak of acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis in a nursing home

Author(s): Pegues, D.A., Woernle, C.H.

A comparison of play behaviors in two child life program variations

Author(s): Pass, M., Bolig, R.