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Knowledge Repository

Issue-Specific Play with Infants and Toddlers in Hospitals: Rationale and Intervention

Author(s): Goldberger, J.

Facilitating Play in Hospitalized Handicapped Children: The Design of a Therapeutic Play Environment

Author(s): Eisert, D., Kulka, L., Moore, K.

Light and Length of Stay in Hospital

Author(s): Diffey, B.L., Storey, A.

The hospital environment: how clean should a hospital be?

Author(s): Collins, B.J.

The patients' view of their domain

Author(s): Chen, T.S., Sanoff, H.

Bedside terminals have nurses' support: study

Author(s): Cerne, F.

The influence of parental visiting on survival and recovery of extensively burned children

Author(s): Benians, R.C.

Effect of the family visit on the patient's mental status

Author(s): Bay, E.J., Kupferschmidt, B., Opperwall, B.J., Speer, J.

A case study of wayfinding and security in a Mexico City hospital.

Author(s): Ortega-Andeane, P., Urbina-Soria, J.

Stressful medical events: A survey of patients' perceptions

Author(s): Van der Ploeg, H.M.