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Knowledge Repository

A controlled clinical trial of light and retinopathy of prematurity

Author(s): Seiberth, V., Linderkamp, O., Knorz, M.C., Liesenhoff, H.

Reducing back stress through an ergonomic approach: weighing a patient

Author(s): Owen, B.D., Garg, A.

Impact of Handwashing on Mortality in Intensive Care: Examination of the Evidence

Author(s): Nystrom, B.

Maintaining patient confidentiality in A&E

Author(s): Mortlock, T.

How noisy are anaesthesia and intensive care medicine? Quantification of the patients' stress

Author(s): Meyer-Falcke, A., Rack, R., Eichwede, F., Jansing, P.J.

Adverse environmental conditions in the respiratory and medical ICU settings

Author(s): Meyer, T.J., Eveloff, S.E., Bauer, M.S., Schwartz, W.A., Hill, N.S., Millman, R.P.

Hand washing frequency in an emergency department

Author(s): Meengs, M.R., Giles, B.K., Chisholm, C.D., Cordell, W.H., Nelson, D.R.

A decade of reduced gram-negative infections and mortality associated with improved isolation of burned patients

Author(s): McManus, A.T., Mason, A.D., Jr., McManus, W.F., Pruitt, B.A., Jr.

What, if anything, does your unit do to reduce noise levels in the ICU?

Author(s): McIntosh, S., Schuessler, B., Coron, D., Suchetka, M., Westball, C., Dayton, D.

Reality of glove use and handwashing in a community hospital

Author(s): Lund, S., Jackson, J., Leggett, J., Hales, L., Dworkin, R., Gilbert, D.