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Knowledge Repository

Demand for isolation beds in a pediatric hospital

Author(s): Langley, J.M., Hanakowski, M., Bortolussi, R.

Effect of air humidification on the sick building syndrome and perceived indoor air quality in hospitals: A four month longitudinal study

Author(s): Klas, N., Dan, N., Roland, A.

Accuracy of dispensing in a high-volume, hospital-based outpatient pharmacy

Author(s): Kistner, U.A., Keith, M.R., Sergeant, K.A., Hokanson, J.A.

Noise pollution in the anaesthetic and intensive care environment

Author(s): Kam, P.C., Kam, A.C., Thompson, J.F.

Airborne fungal spore monitoring in a protective environment during hospital construction, and correlation with an outbreak of invasive aspergillosis

Author(s): Iwen, P.C., Davis, J.C., Reed, E.C., Winfield, B.A., Hinrichs, S.H.

Acute care design: healing environment case study--AMI Park Plaza Hospital

Author(s): Hopkins, P.G.

Reducing the effects of noise in hospital

Author(s): Haddock, J.

Noise hampers healing and curbs productivity

Author(s): Grumet, G.W.

Environmental sampling for aspergilli during building construction on a hospital site

Author(s): Goodley, J.M., Clayton, Y.M., Hay, R.J.

Modifying Quiet Room Design Enhances Calming of Children and Adolescents

Author(s): Glod, C.A., Teicher, M.H., Butler, M., Savino, M., Harper, D., Magnus, E., Pahlavan, K.