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Knowledge Repository

Prevalence of low vision in elderly patients admitted to an acute geriatric unit in Liverpool: elderly people who fall are more likely to have low vision

Author(s): Jack, C.I., Smith, T., Neoh, C., Lye, M., McGalliard, J.N.

Computer workstation adjustment: a novel process and large sample study

Author(s): Hochanadel

Environmental design, work, and well being: managing occupational stress through changes in the workplace environment

Author(s): Heerwagen, J.H., Heubach, J.G., Montgomery, J., Weimer, W.C.

Renovation of a semiprivate patient room. Bowman Center Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit

Author(s): Hahn, J.E., Jones, M.R., Waszkiewicz, M.

The accelerated reduction and elimination of toxics in Canada: the case of mercury-containing medical instruments in Quebec hospital centres

Author(s): Guerrier, P., Weber, P., Cote, R., Paul, M., Rhainds, M.

Intimate strangers. When roommates clash, caregivers can ease the tension--or make it worse

Author(s): Foltz-Gray, D.

Reduction of noise levels in intensive care units for infants: evaluation of an intervention program

Author(s): Elander, G., Hellstrom, G.

Hepatitis C virus infections in hospital roommates?

Author(s): Eisenburg, J.

Noise in the orthopaedic operating theatre

Author(s): Dodenhoff, R.M.

Job satisfaction of nurses employed in rural and urban long-term care facilities

Author(s): Coward, R.T., Hogan, T.L., Duncan, R.P., Horne, C.H.